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Patrolling Part III-Things Get E.P.I.C.!!!

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Part III of the patrolling series, The captain is now in denial trying to understand Venus's motive to her betrayal.
You can always go to the youtube channel for the subtitled version
link below> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsPzUjS9hVI

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I found most of these shorts to be decent. My favorite is probably "Glideguy vs Jade". I haven't seen another arts in awhile. You have pretty slick animation and quite nice rap dude. Some of them were a bit too long. They feel like they could have been submissions on their own.

I'm a sucker for rap music, so I liked the story when the Hero meet the Evil one. The variety was pretty good here. I can always appreciate that.

Neochilds responds:

Thank you for you comments and for checking out my video, I also just checked out Glideguy vs jade, based on your recommendation and wow that was actually pretty damn slick. I hope to possibly do some more but time will tell. Thank you again for checking out our vid.