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Dva gloryhole

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So this is a bit different than my other videos. It was my first atempt at making an animation thats a bit longer. I had some problems here and there as I'm not so familiar with sfm yet and that is why the video looks like it was cut up in some places. It was supposed to also have an ending but I did not like how it turned out. So tell me what you think about it and as always you can check out my blog if you want to see more sfm porn:


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Good for what it is. What I would have liked to be added is maybe some small gasps or heavy breathing between the next guy fucking her.

Roadhog's dick is bigger than D.Va's arm.

Its okay but not good nuff

You need to improve the sound and animation ( in my opinion)

Solid three stars... Let's just breeze through the "why" part...

Interesting or new concept, while the ideal of a "glory hole" scene isn't particularly new in and of itself, this is an interesting take. You've got a prop that is suspiciously anatomical in nature here (not really sure exactly which part you intended, so I'll leave that to you)...
The sound wasn't exactly impressive, but it sync'ed up alright with the action where it was applied, and you kept the important bits together. Consistency is a core of entertaining animation. Keep at that.
Choppy animation... Well, this comes down to fine-tuning the framerate and all the work that goes with it. The higher the frame rate, the smoother your finished product, and the more attention to every detail as you work, so the more work... Honestly, it's easy to get caught in a vicious cycle with this, but you take the quality to the level you want to go with it. You've also got a lot of competition out there, and that means a lot of that competition is competent at the game...
Biggest improvement for least investment?
I'd advise a little more voice work. For the guy, it's got to be subtle, the folks watching want to believe he's really there, and really doing it, but you most certainly don't want his voice to "run over" the girls. Let's face facts, more than ninety percent of your audience is male, so it is the girl we're interested in hearing... At the same time, even on the most subtle level, the sound of the guy "getting off" is also part of selling the shot.
It is still a cartoon, so you get to build the girl's character as ridiculous as you like. It comes with the territory... It wouldn't be a terrible idea, once you've gotten her all scared and violated, to let her realize she actually kind of likes it. Selling the whole experience with her squeals building to the same climax (at least once) would also help "selling the shot" as it were... Just keep in mind, even while trying to stay believable on some level so we're not just laughing our asses off, you aren't just selling the porno'-sex in the traditional manner. What can set your cartoons apart from everyone else is that you can sell your audience the fantasy of sex...
Finally don't forget to breathe, relax, and then get back to keeping on keeping on... You'll get there from here...

Some of it was really great. But the climaxes were a bit underdeveloped. I really liked it, but there's lots you can still do with it.