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UPDATE: WARNING! If new tabs are opened when right clicking, try turning off mouse gestures in your browser! This problem has been confirmed with Opera.
UPDATE: Added alternative shooting controls.

Defend a remote factory town from air raids in a fictional 20th century war.
The enemy is closing in on the Imperial Silver Army, and winter is here. Will you survive until the next year? Will you become a hero, or end up on the losing side?
Your only hope is a cutting-edge anti-aircraft turret, the Flakmeister.

Left and right mouse for shooting, or '1' and '2'
P to pause.
L to lock mouse.
Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F for abilities.
Left click to install, right click to uninstall upgrade.

Update 1.0.3: Added new model for destroyed plane type 1. Fixed death model bug.
Update 1.0.4: Game pauses when changing tabs.
Added model for destroyed plane type 2.
Update 1.0.5: Tweaked the Sonar Pulse and Cripple abilities.
Update: Reduced recoil. Further reduced for easy mode.


None of the planes thought to bomb the flak cannon?

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Excellent game. The difficulty is hard but not unfair. The leveling system is engaging and doesn't feel gritty. The graphics are excellent. The music is good. Just an overall excellent game

Great Game, Addicting. I love all the different enemies, I just realized I wasn't logged in, but its still saved. I have made it to level 11 so far. over 4 different types of planes. Large tough planes, blimps.

Catch 22 - German Edition?

For some reason this reminded me of this old 3d snowballfight game :)
It was pretty immersive (even though your shots are just cannon balls instead of real flak ammo) and it made me consider that there are still flak towers standing in the city i live in so i stopped playing because I felt weirded out. I was playing a simulation of what has really happened to the people who lived here before me.

Great work, made me think!

This was excellent. I encountered no glitches, the difficulty was perfectly gauged in how it increased over time -and for me, occasionally quite hard-, the graphics were delightful for the type of game it is, over all, just excellent.
I get the impression that there simply aren't enough points possible to earn all the upgrades, but that's not a flaw, it forces the player to choose their particular strategy in upgrade buys.
Very well done folks.

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3.68 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2017
12:09 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed