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Welcome back to 1978, when computers were text based... You are back and stronger than ever with an all new state of the art PC made for hacking, with all new skills and lots of new clients while working for {OS}

Walkthrough: http://pastebin.com/eDTYDWAe


Lines of code:
Index.html : 61
game.js : 415

Eastereggs: 6
Missions: 3
Time to make: about a week (on and off)
Font: Aldrich (http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Aldrich)
Wow! You read this whole thing? Anyway, If you want to better understand the ending, play the original game at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/686262

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...Why am I forced to use "?" command? Can't I use "help" instead? (Linux user here.)

Also, tried to 'activate bug' with the new email, supplied around mission 2. It said some generic error message. Not even a small easter egg? Aww.

I also tried ping'ing, or even connecting to www.newgrounds.com to no avail :P Eww. I'm really bad at this. I only found out you were meaning with "eater eggs" after reading the walkthrough.

Also, when using DDOS, target goes offline but you're not disconnected. Weird. In fact, you can even run commands after putting botnet down. And I believe the final file is a virus, maybe if the screen was blue instead of black it would look better?

Being able to copy-paste commands is very neat, though. +1 for being able to copy data from Mission Info (even while connected).

This game is linear, is short, but is fun nonetheless. 3 Stars.
Hope to see next one even better. Wasn't able to decrypt it's name, though.

andrew65952 responds:

Depending on how busy I am, there may be another game coming soon, and yes it will be using mostly real linux commands

NICE!!! I've been waiting for a sequel to $ys!3M._err*#% and here it is!! I managed to find all of the eastereggs because you said how many there were. I was kind of shocked when I found than John Smith was a client. Can't wait for a sequel!

(PS, could you please say in the description or the walkthrough how to access the glitch mission? thanks!)

andrew65952 responds:

Thanks for your feedback, the walk through has been released and is available at: http://pastebin.com/eDTYDWAe


Nice game, but I was just about to become VERY RICH, and suddenly...


Great jam game! Definitely could be a bigger better game, please flesh out!