Raven Deep throat

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OMG, kill it !!!

Raven is the best sexiest and hottest titan star fire is 2nd in my book

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Naice work man especially if your new to it all :)

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At first, thought you were the one that does a lot of genderswapped Raven stuff. But seems you're someone else :P
But, see you're going with the standard "dude with tits" archetype regardless heh. Everyone sure does cling to that one. New or old x3

There is some clipping issues, and the nipples for instance flicks between what position they are at. The sounds are kinda "eh". Gotta be into more squelchy stuff to appreciate them I think. So could be personal bias as I like the more subtle/realistic type. Plus, they get really repetitive and a bit "ooc". But alas, it is a bit of a taste question I reckon. Personally think he could have gone "fuck!" way less times but xP

Anyhow, overall it's pretty decent. Think you can get good with some practice. But as of now it's really run of the mill, hyper "dude with tits" futa porn. Not all graphics mesh too well. But they do it decently at least. Any fan of this will likely enjoy it, as it is the typical "more of the same" that that type of fan is after :3 For them I reckon this would be more, 3-4 stars.

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2.66 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2017
5:16 PM EST
Comedy - Parody