People don't exist! (this is all fiction)

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The Casper, the Ghostbusters and others are outrageous lie! It's fantastic about people. My young ghost, I tell you the all truth about them. And let's start with the fact that people, in actually, doesn't exist.

Meet the new point-and-click game. You will have new adventures, charismatic characters, quests and other "blah-blah-blah". And the "blah blah blah" will are unexpected and funny.

= Additionally
1) If you have any troubles, you may watch walkthrough via link
2) The game has 3 easter eggs. Find it all.
3) Anybody may improve the game and get their link in this game
4) (10.02.17) Some bugs have been fixed. Clear the cache memory in order to see the corrected game ( press Ctrl + Shift + Del ).

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I'm thirty seconds and already love it! Wait, did I say love? I meant I hate this piece of filth. Learn English and how to animate. The controls suck and the story is odd and hard to follow. You should have left this great potential of a game alone and gave it to someone who knows how to make a flipping game.

Maraham responds:

Do you think that you deserve a first-class game?
No, you are worthy of this piece of filth.
I understand your desire to play good games.
I do not understand your requirements, so you got it without any effort.
Anybody, who know English, may help me
This game was created alone.
But now it is improving by the collective effort.
Unfortunately, it is not your efforts.
Because you know just how to criticize and trolling.
It's sad.

A word to the wise. Wait until after you've finished learning English before making a game in English.

Maraham responds:

The bad English is very bad.
It's terrible, it is impossible to tolerate!

Fortunately, you can correct it.

Press -Shift- anywhere at the game,
correct the words
and send me your corrections to email.
And I will add it in the game.

I can see a lot of effort went into this. Unfortunately the game ended for me at The River scene clicking everywhere with no way to progress and no way back. Good attempt though.

Maraham responds:

It is sad.
I've tested many times this game before upload to here.
And I did not notice anything like that.
If I find this error, I will correct it.

You may watch complete walkthrough of the game on YouTube.

What am I seeing here?

hard to follow

Maraham responds:

If you have any troubles, you may watch walkthrough on Youtube.

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2.20 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2017
11:27 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click