Lightness of Love

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Originally created in 7 days for a game jam.

You can see more of my work at www.spritesequence.com where I post a new game sequence every Friday. Follow the project on Facebook to stay updated or support me on Patreon!



I didn't rlly know what was going on at first, but it was cute. Well made for a game made in 7 days.

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ktrepanier responds:

Thanks for playing!

Wait what? Thats all?

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ktrepanier responds:

Unfortunately yes! Besides mix and matching the characters in different couples, there ain't much more to do.

Maybe I'll do another island in the future. After all he IS floating to... somewhere?

Honestly, a three second game just doesn't satisfy.

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It was cute, but not exactly a game. There's not much to do, and nothing to figure out, which makes it more like interactive art to me. I realize this was made in a limited time, but it really is just a little lacking as is. However, I did like it. Adding more player driven elements such as having the player match the couples, or inserting a need to find the correct 'love balloon' to complete, would bring this further into game territory. That being said, as a short interactive art piece, it's enjoyable. I've played other games by this maker which had more substance, and were quite fun. This one was just a little too simplistic to really count as a game for me, but was a nice little experience all the same.

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ktrepanier responds:

Actually you CAN match the couples by switching the balloons around. It doesn't have any win / lose situation though. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Too short, just press the characters and the game ends.

In the next a little storyline, music. objectives .

The concept does not look bad, I hope in the future to see an incredible game on your part.

With storyline

It would be amazing

good luck!!.

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ktrepanier responds:

Thanks Emnow! This was made as a 7 days game jam, thus the limited scope. I do a short game every week which are published at www.spritesequence.com if you care to see more of my work.

In the same genre and with more flesh, you may want to try Finding my Heart, one of my first Flash game from years ago, which received a daily third place here on NG : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/507159

Also, have you tried switching the idea bubbles around to change the love matches? That's the fun part!

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2.85 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2017
10:46 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click