Sex Kitten WATTT (why are there teeth there?!)

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Originally meant for delivery on 30th october 2016, thus the 'halloween' vibe of this project. Some stuff went down IRL and that's a sad fact of lif-


Less whining about IRL and more game dev info!

Our incompetent hero gets the wrong end of an all Hallow's Eve ritual and is sent into a place where things don't really make sense, no, not at all. Polymorphed into a nightmarish form, can he make it back, or will he be stuck in this place where humanity's darkest desires are real?

File size is 6.2Mb.

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I love this game but I've been trying to get the VHS tape to work.

How much do I have left to do before I can figure out what comes out of the path I'm running down? I searched every scene I could for secrets, reset the game multiple times, and got nothing.

I also have been having difficulty with getting my health back to/above 0 again, as the bath and the meds don't restore enough health...

Anyways there's a lot of stuff around for people who are willing to do some digging, which is what makes this game (and the series in general) so great to play.

Yomuchan responds:

Don't sell the VHS tape and you will get good fortune. Also, if your health goes above 0, you will cease to exist over there. Be careful.

Kinda dissappoint about almost finishing your this one, only to have been roped into settling down w/ a neutered Slutty McSlutpants :O (easy ending presumably)

Also, a 'jiffy', from what I gleaned from wiki, was a low down term for acting during a thunderstrike, which in sound terms could be as short as a 1/10 of a second... no big whoop, the other questions went well, since the more nerdy questions had the correct answer right at the top. Had fun looking up internal body cillia!

Caught 2-5 mis-hit keys in the text, but nooo problems with anything else. The stroyline (see, I'm no better dawg), characters, game/number mechanics all were above and beyond what I've come to expect from a FH game.
Gonna try for one of the other endings, as today's a good day for such endeavors ;)

Stay here or leave, why would I stahhhh
OHHH my god....
I JUST PLAYED, "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumea: The Movie/ The Game! Fork Heads Edition!" !!!!!
But why woul I stay in horror terror world and top believing in Ghost and time travelers and espers!? I wana go home!

Mannn that movie makes so much more sense now. I had never seen the anime so I was kind hoping he'd pick shy nice girl... But I picked loud crazy girl... What does that make me???
(Also newgrounds contractually obligates me to say that thidsflash animation was good and deserving of it's five star rating because it was well done and enjoyable. not just cus of suddenly realizing plot parallels. Than you and good night.)

"a crudely prepared altar made of the bones of dead terrorists, sjws and the dick of a great dimetrodon."


Great and funny as always.

Whoo! That was a ride. Elder gods are my favorite.

I've gotten two endings so far...thrilled that there are several endings, by the way.

For the life of me though, I can't figure out what to do with that isotope. Saw what you said about the window, but I swear I've checked everywhere...it's probably got to do with that spaceship. Well, the two I got were equally nice, so there's always that.