Humanoid Space Race

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10000 pts 25 Points

get a high score of 10,000 or more

25000 25 Points

get a high score of 25,000 or more

Boss Wave 25 Points

get to the Boss

Fifth Wave 25 Points

get to the Fifth Wave

Forth Wave 25 Points

get to the forth wave

Grenades 25 Points

upgrade your grenades

Guns 25 Points

upgrade your guns

Lives 25 Points

upgrade your lives

Second Wave 25 Points

get to the second wave

Speed 25 Points

upgrade your speed

Stomp 25 Points

upgrade your stomp

Third Wave 25 Points

get to the third wave

50000 50 Points

get a high score of 50,000 or more

BOOM 50 Points

destroy the boss

Master Humanoid 100 Points

get a high score of 100,000 or more

Author Comments

Papix raises the bar once again putting up a score of 202,135!! Amazing!!

New players. Don't worry about the link bellow for now. Everything is explained in game. So go blow some stuff up!!! Come back to this if you like the game and really want to max your score.

1-8-17 update. Check the link to find out the new balance update.

As per request here is a data sheet for the game that explains all the inner workings behind the game such as exact point calculations and exactly how each level up is handled.


P- pauses game

M- mutes game

This game was tested and runs smooth on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Please send a PM if you are having audio or performance issues.

Big thanks to Nikki Quemado (Audio) and Luis Zuno (art)!!!!


really cool game i loved it, very engaging and not too difficult. I also like how you can choose upgrades and reply again and again to try and beat yours and others top scores. I would definity recommend this game to others to try out if they're looking for a quick game thats alot of fun.

Now this was weird. What happened was that I defeated the boss but then it said I got a score of 0. I don't see how that's possible. I guess my score went down when I kept dying? Anyway, this was a good game. Yes, all I did care about was the medals.

It motivates me, okay? I was surprised at how much was going on. I could barely keep up with it! I even tried putting it to the lowest quality and it still did little! It was still nice.

Great game, very fun and addicting to play. I found the upgrades after every wave made it more interesting and the character's ability to fly was very cool. The characters and graphics were great and the gameplay was very smooth. Great job! I will be playing again for a higher score.

Cool game! The art is amazing but the powerups don't quite match the
style. I don't know if you made the sprites but if you did I'd recommend making every asset fit the mood and theme of the game. The menu background and fonts were blocky and plain while the game sprites where pretty detailed and realistic. The music, however, fit perfectly with the sprites.

Pretty cool! Normally I avoid scrolling shooters, but this one's actually fun. I like the jumping/stomping mechanics - reminds me a bit of Joust. My big qualm is that it gets a bit hard to keep track of where the player character is on the screen, with all the bits flying everywhere.

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Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2017
12:21 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun