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A Nosy Tale

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Made this Cartoon over the Holidays in Adobe Animate CC :)


That was gross as hell, but still nicely animated. Lovely little short.

The animations well done and it started off well, but towards the end it just grossed me out.

The animation is nice and remimds me of old cartoons, I just don't think it was that funny, but still it was enjoyable nontheless.

Its bright, colorful, and the video quality is good.
The opening title screen reminded me of some of the openings of old cartoons I use watch when i was a kid.
The animation is good. A lot of exaggeration and squash and stretch animation style.

The story is goofy and nonsensical and
it was kind of short.

Overall, a nice, short, goofy animation.

im not certain why this was so well received, it is....i dunno its not great... it feels nostalgic of early internet animations and i guess it might scratch that itch but it was short and kinda... thoughtless and kinda gross in concept at the end.

jollytoons responds:

Guess i'm getting old and nostalgic as well haha :D But thanks for watching and taking the time to comment anyhow :)

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3.43 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2017
2:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original