Prime Mover

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Prime Mover v1.2


A mining research facility on Mars' moon Phobos has lost contact with Earth.
The station is to be decommissioned, that's where you come in...


It's your job to enter the station and destroy it. You must find 3 keys to
reach the core reactor.


You can use WASD/Arrows or a gamepad D-Pad to move. Spacebar, Z, B, or the
gamepad button 0 for actions.


- Jumping before jetpack boosting can help you reach higher.
- The drill can be used whilst walking backwards.


Q. The game runs slow in my browser, what should I do?
A. Try running the game in Google Chrome.


A. Download the HTML package and run index.html in your browser locally.


- fixed an instance of elevator being in wrong position when respawning.
- energy recharges slightly faster when on ground.
- added 5 new rooms to reduce backtracking.
- added checkpoint at mines key.
- added button prompt on intro screens.
- delay skipping ending screens.
- other minor tweaks.

- added keys Z and B as alternative to Spacebar.
- added checkpoints at unlocked doors and key points, continue can be used 3
- small changes to some enemies.


I appreciate any feedback you have so please contact me at any of the below:

Twitter : helpcomputer0
itch.io : helpcomputer
indiedb.com : helpcomputer0
newgrounds.com : helpcomputer0
gamejolt.com : helpcomputer
opengameart.org : helpcomputer

Thanks for playing!

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Great game but I don't play games that make you start over from the beginning anymore. Too much work for casual players. Especially this one since it gets difficult very quickly.

Uff buen juego aun que bastante problematico. Tardé 3 horas en pasarmelo con el buen final. Para lograr llegar a la computadora principal, tuve que ahorrar mis 3 Continues, y aprovechar los corazones que veía por las cabernas. La verdad no es tan dificil de pasar. Se podría decir que es un juego 95% imposible y yo soy parte de ese 5%. Y ustedes?

Pretty fun, and highly challenging platformer with good mobility!
My main issue was probably the difficulty. I think comparing the 1st segment (before the 1st checkpoint) and the 2nd, it felt too big of a leap on the difficulty, but at least the 1st part was short enough that it didn't took long to get back on track.
It was also entertaining to learn a strategy on beating every room taking as little damage as possible, in that sense it had that (I guess intended) 'retro' feel of learning and improving by repetition, and at least you kept the keys if you died halfway through.
I did manage to get the 2nd key on my last try, but I lost shortly after.
I hope to get back and finish it sometime!

5. WOn't even explain myself.

Cool, but too hard for me. Would love some more boost health and continues.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2016
6:22 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other