Dream Eater

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First Dream 5 Points

The infinite road.

Fifth Dream 10 Points

The escape.

Fourth Dream 10 Points


Second Dream 10 Points

The big mountain.

Third Dream 10 Points

The graveyard.

100% Story 25 Points

Get all the notes.

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Author Comments

Reveal the memories of Eddie Conner, an adolescent living alone in his rich parents' house. With his family murdered, the only way to discover the killer's identity is through his deepest dreams.


WARNING: Jumpscares, dark themes, probable photosensitive epilepsy, blood, and most important PERMADEATH (now it can be disabled)
- The game saves automatically after you open a door.
- If you're trapped, press P and then "Load", except in the wooden house.

The game is like it is. The repetitive mechanic is part of the same dreams. If you don't like it, it's okay.
If you ever find yourself in a loop with the shadow, you should go to the menu and then load... but I'd try waiting.


PROTIP: Fix the shadow in the treehouse. It's a gamekiller.

Cagmaster responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to update the game due to the high amount of people complaining.

Wasn't able to finish. The black figure started appearing back to to back without pause, even if I was sneaking. After going back and forth for five minutes to try and get out of the glitch loop, I finally quit.

Rated three because the atmosphere is good and the story seems decent.

Cagmaster responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

A good game but way too laggy...couldn't finish it. Any solution?

Cagmaster responds:

Hello, I am concerned about the lag mainly in the treehouse, for some reason in Chrome it works well, at least for me. Also you could try changing the game's quality in the menu (for example, Medium) and then the game automatically changes it to Low in the laggy parts.

Even tho I'm not quite a big fan of horror games or games that are even the slightest bit scary because I am pretty easy to scare, I think that this game sure is great because of the story and background

Cagmaster responds:

Glad you liked the game! Thanks for playing

The story is very interesting and the game does definitely place tension and fear on the shoulders of the player, but other than that, the game feels more annoying and a tiny bit empty than scary and this is why:
- The shadow chasing you in the treehouse is indeed scary, but only because it can suddenly appear in front of you when it is chasing you in some instances. Other than that, it becomes more of an obstacle as when you first enter one of the two main rooms, you are essentially backed into a corner and I've been stuck in loops of running from the door to get to the rooms with the clocks, only to be chased back to the original and having to start all over again. I'm still not sure how I managed to get out of these loops other than going into the opposite room and messing around in the hopes that it would stop the loop, such as letting the shadow chase me to the door. (if sneaking and walking is required in any way, I don't see how because it didn't work to stop the shadow from finding me so I don't know why sneaking was included in the game). This shadow mechanic alone makes me not want to play this game again, ever. There needs to be a way to hide from the shadow or protect yourself from it that doesn't involve having to backtrack multiple times until the randomizer for the shadow appearing cuts you a break.
- Repetition. It can certainly had something to a game, especially when the game is horror themed, like helping to drive in a point or making a person feel helpless, but with the problems I described above, the realization that I would not only have to do this again, but have to travel to one of the clock rooms an additional time. Even then, there is no need for everything to be exactly the same. You could have added new visuals in the treehouse section, perhaps had the shelves become dusty and unkept, have more blood splatter after every visit. Repetition alone will drive away player, but when other things are added, it can be impactful and well done.
- The number of inter-actable items is limited. It would have been nice for there to be more to the game than just walking and running around, such as examining the pictures and items in the house, exploring optional doors, solving some small puzzles or experiencing these weird events (these were dreams we were playing through yet they were very much grounded in reality). You could have had spiked pits that came out of nowhere that would force the player to time their progression.
- Lag starts to become a huge issue later on in the game. You say to use Chrome if we are experiencing issues with lag in the treehouse. I was originally using Chrome and the game basically became unplayable onceI reached the treehouse. After that, I switched to Safari yet still had trouble with lag (what is this highscore or scoreboard thing you are referring to in the description).
- I'd highly suggest putting the "probable photosensitive epilepsy" first in everything. I don't get epilepsy, but these flashing lights bothered my eyes.

Still, this is all very promising and I still found the narrative to be interesting enough to push me through the annoyance (though just barely). I wish you luck in your future in game development!

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Cagmaster responds:

Excellent and complete review. Thanks a lot!

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Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2016
11:09 PM EST
Adventure - Other