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Dream Eater

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First Dream 5 Points

The infinite road.

Fifth Dream 10 Points

The escape.

Fourth Dream 10 Points


Second Dream 10 Points

The big mountain.

Third Dream 10 Points

The graveyard.

100% Story 25 Points

Get all the notes.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Reveal the memories of Eddie Conner, an adolescent living alone in his rich parents' house. With his family murdered, the only way to discover the killer's identity is through his deepest dreams.


WARNING: Jumpscares, dark themes, probable photosensitive epilepsy, blood, and most important PERMADEATH (now it can be disabled)
- The game saves automatically after you open a door.
- If you're trapped, press P and then "Load", except in the wooden house.

The game is like it is. The repetitive mechanic is part of the same dreams. If you don't like it, it's okay.
If you ever find yourself in a loop with the shadow, you should go to the menu and then load... but I'd try waiting.

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meu jogo travou e não consigo sair da cama e tambem não consigo mudar os graficos.

the game is really well made but i dont like so much

Hmm... where to start... I got extremely mixed feelings about this game. The story is well-made, the game surely builds up the atmosphere, making you want to discover what exactly happened. But. There is one major But. As one of the reviewers mentioned, that shadow in the tree house is a game killer. It makes the game excessively too long for no particular reason. Under one of the reviews you promised to update the game with necessary adjustments, but I think it did not happen. There is a method to avoid the shadow, but especially when you need to return from the second part of the house to the first one you are likely to get stucked between those looped shadows that always run from the side that you currently need to go. One important thing: being tired of fighting that loop yesterday I decided to continue today-and that was a very bad idea. I left the game near the door separating both sections of the house and when I loaded the game the shadow instantly appeared exactly in the place I was standing, so... animation, color light flashes and... the game threw me back to the very beginning! And as I was already at dream 5 you can imagine my rage and how much I wanted to murder the author at this moment. Suggested solution: disable saving after opening that door and an advice to all players: never leave the game when standing there. As for other advices: sneaking is completely useless. No matter if you sneak or not the shadow can appear, even just in front of you, which is another thing that makes the game unfair to the player. Despite the whole idea of those shadow loops which serve of completely no purpose in the game other than infuriating the player.
By the way, contact me when you will read my review, because I accidentally found a major glitch in the game that cannot be mentioned here.

Interesting but I dont like it too much

But keep trying to make pixel horror

Very scary, even for a pixelated game. I'm impressed.