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Hug me I'm cold

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*edit* Wow frontpage, thank you so much! :D Crazy!

Special small game I made for New Year's Eve!
Happy New Year everyone!

If you like this game, send me a message! I have a development discord where you can see how my new games are being made!

Join the community - https://discord.gg/2JRjkku

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Happy Final Day!
Tonight you finally got a date with the girl of your DREAMS!
Don't blow it.
I made this game feeling shitty and decided I wanted to create something weird and something cute. My feelings for 2016 combined...

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Fantastic! I was amazed at how well you were able to replicate the feeling of anxiety.

When I inevitably picked the honest, but difficult option, and failed, I thought all was lost. Of course such a feeling is not necessarily correct, and this game did an excellent job of representing that idea.

at least they weren't alone

Felt like I had lost after the 4th question, and took me longer than I would have liked to realise it was all part of the game.
Still, it emulates the feeling of anxiety in an interesting way, especially when confronted with someone who keeps laying on questions like that, and needing to please and satisfy, facing the fear of disappointing them.

Now this is the kind of "game" I love. Splendid! Cute graphics and deep story. It is short, but it fits the theme and doesn't need more!
Again, excellent work!

This game made me feel less lonely ...
Many thanks to the developers for knocking me out of depression, I love you :3

Rarykos responds:

Aww thank you very much! I'm so happy you liked it ^^