My Little Poopy: Men's Dick Is Magic

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The Nightmare bitch is at it again!
I promised a MLP Spam game 2, so here it is.
I was gonna make this a series, but fuck that shit!
I wanna make good content from now on!

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what a waste of time

no actual game it is mostly just walk to only one place fight one time and game over and here i think oh fun futa but you role in the wrong direction. i mean how is it even an rpg?has anyone ever herd of a rpg with only one fight i know i haven't. you can greatly improve this game .

Did not think it possible. A RPG of My Little Pony written in RPG Maker MV. :3 Wow, how hard did you work on those sprites ? Gotta give this props for that.

So poopy

Ugh another Five Nights at Fuckboys wannabe. The humor sucks, music doesn't fit and it's a boring parody at best. Honestly no effort was put into this. It sucks and is not worth anyone's time playing. Overall one fucking half a star/5 next time put more effort into it.