Einstein Brain Routine

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Virus IQ 25 Points

Have an IQ of a level VIRUS

Dog IQ 50 Points

Have an IQ of a level DOG

Ladybug IQ 50 Points

Have an IQ of a level LADYBUG

Genius IQ 100 Points

You are a Genius!

Monkey IQ 100 Points

Have an IQ of a level MONKEY

Author Comments

Flashing lights epilepsy warning!
A special family fun for IQ increase!
Be asked the trivia, be answering and find out what smart you are. Game developed by Smart Panda.
This game was meant as a joke.
Use X/ENTER/ARROWS to control.

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Some tips

Think about how math works. You don't have time to sit there and calculate stuff out all the way so act fast. Often you can get the answer just paying attention to the low-end digits for example if it's multiplication and one of the numbers multiplied by has a 0 in the lowest digit position, and only one of the answers has a 0 there, you know that's the answer.

Or if it's a modulus % question and you divide a positive number by a positive number, you know the remainder can't possibly be negative, so if two of the three are negative that gives your answer.

Or just do some simple add/subtract on the first couple digits or so and probably will be able to eliminate the bad answers quickly without even calculating out the full number.

Everyone should have at least IQ level Ladybug. Come on people! It's not that hard to at least get that much.


Well this is one of those games almost like an idle game but still different, I like all the medlas but would be better with more nedal options aswell, still a good silly game here.

Ad more medals somehow.


This is more about patience than calculating: You have to wait so long - Most of the time, I missed the Qs because I got busy elsewhere...

Gurgie responds:

"Patience is the truest form of intelligence" ~Albert Einstein, 1956.

40x46 is 1,840 but it said it was incorrect...

Gurgie responds:

Most likely, you have just ran out of time just when you were about to click, and lost a life ^^.

A demented Apple II game that's a math version of Press Your Luck? Shut up and take my money.

But in all seriousness, you should've included the epilepsy warning in the game itself.

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2016
2:41 PM EST
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