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Skyrim is EPIC 3D

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With the release of the remastered Special Edition of Skyrim and the 5 year anniversary of Psychicpebbles' original parody, it felt appropriate to "remaster" the original cartoon to 3D.

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w h y
did you put HEAVY
as the b u f f dude

Dear God what the hell did I just watch?

Still funny as fuck and the old lady death gets me every time but not as good as the original, i dont know but the 3D kinda takes the edge off; good work though

its nice to see a Gmod parody after Skyrim is epic and that last part reminded me of when i first started playing Skyrim i started a fight with a giant and got tossed 100 feet in air ..... a the good old memoryes :D

wow ok now THAT was good!!! one of the best Newgrounds has to offer! unfortunately it's few and in between that we as viewers see vids this good and actually pleasing! usually I have to watch youtube poops to what most people call "melt my brain"

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Dec 29, 2016
1:08 PM EST
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