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Cosmic Chris: Bloodmoon Strikes Venom (DEMO)

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Due to converting this to a whole new game engine than what it was before, I'm sorry to say that I'm unable to upload the full game. In order to keep the game from being broken, I had to remove the music and battle sequences.

If you'd like the full, unbroken game, here it is: http://gamejolt.com/games/cosmic-chris-bloodmoon-strikes-venom/119184

Team Venom, a group that kills monsters for a living gets sent to attack Team Bloodmoon, a group of vicious serial killers that is using monsters to take over the world! This game was
made to show how terrible wars can actually be!

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i played a bit. finding cocaine in the forest was funny. when i encountered the red robed person in the town the game said error failed to load: img/faces/Actor5.png
i couldn't play the game past then.

good game, but what's that horrible scratchy sound you hear at each level loading? You lost one star for that!

StaticSkull responds:

Idk what you're talking about

Wait if you ever have time, you could always try fixing the files???


StaticSkull responds:

I can't. They're 2 completely different coding languages

I'll admit, this is not a very good game, nor a good rpg maker game.

It's inconsistent with character portraits,There are a few cliping issues [ mainly with the second forest area.] And I encountered a crash/bug where the plague doctor image failed to load and bricked the whole game.

But I can mostly presume the fixed version solves most of the problems,But this is a first impression [ and not a very good one ].

There is Potential here, It just needs a few changes and fixes and it could probably be a good game, It may already be a good game for all I know, Just messed up due to conversion.

If this gets recreated to better suit the engine then it would most likely earn a 3, But due to bugs, a crash, and other small things, it just brings it down.

Not the worst I have played or seen,but it could be better.

StaticSkull responds:

Thanks but it was literally impossible to fix on MV
The full version made with VX Ace on GameJolt is perfectly fine

This is too good, I can't wait for the full version in 2017!

StaticSkull responds:

Thanks, but the full version is done. Only on GameJolt though, because the files were too messed up to be on NG as a full game