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Pyramid Cat Adventure

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It is not easy to find these precious and mysterious objects in pyramids because you must solve some puzzles and pass various traps to obtain these objects. Besides, you should collect all mysterious objects without exceeding the time limit. The game controls are “W,A,S,D” and “MOUSE”. Good luck!

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I've only played to level 5 thus far but I am thoroughly enjoying this game. It's a very simple platform game and easy to solve puzzles once you start paying attention xD It's a great game to play to pass the time. The only thing I wished at first was that I was able to switch between the boy and the girl cats. Again, I'm only on the 5th level but that would be something to add if it hasn't been done already!

RHMGames responds:

Thank you! Yes, the puzzle is easy because of the average age of our visitors is low.

Well now isn't this the cutest little thing. I loved the design of the characters and of the dungeon. The gameplay was innovative without being idiosyncratic, with intuitive mechanics and well-designed puzzles; the progression never left me confused, and the game never became excessively difficult. On the whole it was engaging, satisfying, and a joy to play.

I only had three real gripes with it.

First, I'm still not completely sure what determines whether jumping on a snake will kill the snake or hurt the hero. It seems like a matter of luck, honestly; some clarification on this would be very helpful.

Second, I would argue that the princess should not start moving until the player presses a key or clicks the mouse. I found too many levels where she got herself killed or made the stage unwinnable because she was moving around before I knew what I needed to do with her.

And finally, the object physics tended to get in the way more often than they were helpful. Thrown objects tended to go anywhere but where I meant for them to; in every case I can think of, it would be easier to just drop items directly where you want them -- especially the hero's exploding scarabs, which have to be immediately adjacent to an object to destroy it and will never land there if thrown and allowed to bounce. Blue gems are even worse; the slightest disturbance to one will make it roll into a corner where the princess won't touch it, forcing the player to restart the level. I only found two cases in which it's useful to be able to throw something (levels 6 and 16, both to get balls onto pressure switches); and in both cases, the stages can be trivially completed without the mechanic. And speaking of level 16, the physics get especially pernicious when dropping the left platform; it's possible for it to wedge itself against the removable block next to the spike pit, preventing the princess from ever walking over the pit. This seems to be a matter of luck, and at least in my case forced several restarts. I acknowledge that there are some stages where it's necessary for the princess to roll a ball, or for an exploding statue to launch a blue gem at her, but I would argue that the physics at least need to be cleaned up to make them less of a hindrance to the player.

Other than those things, it's an excellent game, and I'm glad I was able to play it. Keep up the good work.

RHMGames responds:

Thank you very much for your helpful comments. Your opinions is so important for updates and new game production. Regards!