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Black Hole Runner

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Author Comments

Black Hole Runner:

A Javascript project I completed while in university to experiment with the creation of procedural generation and endless runner type gameplay.

Very simple gameplay. Avoid the sides and "astroids" as they spawn. Collect the "survivors" to gain extra points, but be careful... you will need to decide if you can safely reach them without dying.



Kevin Lee - 12652

If you manage to get further send me a message with screen shot proof and I will update the HIGH SCORE to display your username + the score you achieved.



I never perfected the start of the game and the result is that you may start in a spot that you cannot recover from in time due to being close to a wall or right behind an astroid. Just keep dying / resetting until you have a good spawn to get a good start.


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I really like this game, I love the gameplay and the basic design :D

Well it may be hard to find a game that is as bad designed as this one, the controls are too slow, the grid is confusing, the background is weird and the worst part is the scream when you lose.

amazing game does have potential just zoom in on the game a bit make more ways to play it different game modes for say and thats about it love the game

KevinDL responds:

If I do anything to the project it would first need to be done in Unity instead of that very limited JavaScript engine.

I can't play this, I can't focus on the game. 2.5 stars for potential.

KevinDL responds:

Can't focus?

There's too much of an RNG element for me to enjoy it as a "high score" game. I don't really get the different sound effects for going left and right. Other than that, the presentation isn't bad. A somewhat interesting idea at least. Peace.

KevinDL responds:

Different sounds for each movement direction were mostly just a "why not?" decision due to the engine used to create the game. The engine is neat but extremely limited so I was just having fun with it.

It is very much so an RNG type experience, just the nature of what it is.

Thank you for giving it a shot!

Best regards,