Snow Globe

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**How to Play**
• Use arrow keys to rotate the snow globe.
• Maneuver the characters upright onto the green platforms.
• Land all characters to complete this charming Christmas scene.
• Press enter to replay.
• Replay again to try to beat your best time!

**About Snow Globe:**
**Snow Globe was wholly created in ten days for #StencylJam17!** May our original little holiday jingle stick in your head while you attempt to complete the scene. We worked hard on this game to meet the deadline and hope you have a bit of fun while playing *Snow Globe*! :)

**About Us:**
**Andy is 11 years old** and created most of the pixel art for the scene, including all the characters, the toy store, the font and each individual snowflake! Andy also came up with the original concept of a snow globe game and had a great time making this game for you all. :)

**Randall** is Andy's dad and also had a great time clicking blocks together in Stencyl to make this game work. Please enjoy our holiday program.

Previous Updates:
Dec 29 2016 - Pressing <Enter> no longer resets game in Story Mode.
Dec 25 2016 - Story Mode added. Merry Christmas to all!

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This game is not worth playing. The controls are awful. I find just getting the characters to the green spots is hard and having to put them on their feet? Nearly impossible. And once after what seems like hours and hours of trying and failing, you finally get the ending, and you're happy. But then you realize how lack luster the ending is and how you've just wasted your time trying to put little pixelated people upright in a snow globe just to have a little card that tells you Merry Christmas. And don't get me started on the music. The music is fine at first, but then it loops and loops over and over and quickly gets repetitive.

PixylWorld responds:

The game is challenging at first and the controls are unique by design. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually easy - some say too easy! The best time is 34 seconds by an 11 year old and I consistently finish the game around that time as well. To your defense, I have seen non-gamers spend 10 minutes bouncing to-and-fro trying to land a target. It's amusing to watch. Thanks for playing and finishing the game!

entertaining and fun. It was frustrating to get the controls down but once you do its like an OCD moment in trying to get it all to work out and finish it.

PixylWorld responds:

Hahah. Thanks for playing our game. We had to come up with an idea quickly for a 10 day game jam. We were pretty satisfied with the unique controls, and took a chance that people would get the concept of rotating a Snow Globe and how that might play out in "snow globe physics". We're very happy you liked it and look forward to making more games soon. :)

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3.17 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2016
1:44 PM EST
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