XXXtreme Ghostbusters (Adult Parody)

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Kylie Griffin from the Extreme Ghostbusters gets grabbed by the ghoulies and they cover her in ectoplasm for 15 minutes.

Please help to support me by getting the complete Special Edition at http://www.zone-archive.com which includes:

• a 1080p super high bitrate version
• a ‘VHS-quality’ version for that authentic, 90's feel
• a printable VHS-case inlay
• a VHS-cassette label
• a movie poster
• high-quality versions of both trailers
• high-resolution art from the animation
• 2 wallpapers at 5k resolution
• the Extreme Ghostbusters font that I recreated for the titles

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very heartbreaking end, also 16 MINUTES???

Absolutely love it.Wish I could cum that much tho

Yo what the hell (pun very much intended) is that sound design? Thats incredible!

ayo the song on the whole scene with kylie is called flip city and its from ghostbusters 2

This was very amazing to watch! The art style and music meshed very well together with the overall plot to give it a nice blend of atmosphere and events.