Road Closed

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Medal for overcoming 10 barriers 5 Points

Overcome 10 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 15 barriers 5 Points

Overcome 15 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 20 barriers 10 Points

Overcome 20 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 25 barriers 25 Points

Overcome 25 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 40 barriers 25 Points

Overcome 40 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 30 barriers 50 Points

Overcome 30 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 50 barriers 50 Points

Overcome 50 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 60 barriers 50 Points

Overcome 60 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 100 barriers 100 Points

Overcome 100 obstacles

Medal for overcoming 70 barriers 100 Points

Overcome 70 obstacles

Author Comments

Road Closed is a mini game for test your reaction.
Press any key to throw bombs into obstacles.
But be careful and don't blow up the bridge.
Check how far you can ride.

(android version is available on Google Play)


it would work fine if there was a jump skill to avoid the smaller blocks that are difficult to hit and/or the spaces you make by missing them.

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Game is too hard. The small obstacles are almost impossible to get unless your timing is insanely perfect. The random spawns make it a bit unfair. There's no way to control the projectile of the ball and the only thing you can do is shoot. It's a good concept but really, really poorly executed. Luckily restarting is quick and easy.

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Ok, I spent way more time than I should have with this game. This is one tough as nails game, but completely doable. Took me awhile to figure out how to beat some combinations, like a tall block with a super small one below it. You essentially have to throw 2 at the same time..

some of the spacing is just downright evil, where just throwing 4 at a group of 4 won't work cause of spacing issues. This means you actually have to time some shots.

Giving it 4 stars, mainly cause everytime I died, I knew why. The controls and timing are spot on. It's insanely hard and ended up with 68 as my best. 2 away from the 70 medal. I know 100 can be done and had at least 20+ runs over 50.

please don't nerf it, will probably come back to go for the 100. It takes some effort to get used to the lobbing effect, but again the game is 100% doable. It has been awhile where a fair hard game has surfaced here and I consider this one. The game fires exactly when you put it in and like I said every death was fair.

removed 1 star cause of the lack of ability to mute the sound effects. You can mute the music but not the sounds. Also, there are times when you fall and shoot another obstacle (gives you an extra point), but then you start running with the "press any key" pops up causing an additional death (sometimes lets you throw a few first) then resets. It isn't a big deal as you instantly restart, but annoying.

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Nope, don't like it sir. Reeks of Flappy Bird frustration, but not in a good way.

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I was going to write that I take away the whole star because the game is not working on Firefox - you get only gray screen after preloader, I sent a PM about it, but no answer yet. But the rest of the game persuaded me to take away almost all of the stars.
The game is terrible, even for an effort for mobile devices.
Starting with that: this is an example of a bad trend these days: somebody creates a game for Android and then decides - ahh, what the hell, let's put it on some website with flash games. Like the guy from 2 Stupid Dogs cartoon could say: "Isn't that cute? But it's wrooong!".
First of all it requires to test whether the game is working well on all types of browsers (I already know that on Firefox it is not), on different operating systems, under different plug-ins etc. the second thing is testing the gameplay on all of them and the gameplay on a computer vs a mobile device generally.
And about the gameplay: this is the worst part. Did the author even try to earn all the medals? I don't see it. Many times you are just blowing up an obstacle with a part of the road. There is no rule for targeting. What is even more irritating: how am I supposed to destroy a very low obstacle after a very high obstacle when there is basically no room - no time for hitting it and you always "overshoot"?
If you will be lucky you may get some of the first medals, but expect the rest of them to be removed, because nobody will be able to get them. I only can think that the owners of the slower computers can benefit from it a bit and I am unlucky here.
If the author would like to make it really enjoyable - this game needs to be reworked a lot.

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2.75 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2016
12:31 PM EST
Skill - Other