Pixel cave

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Use mouse to interact with world,
Use 'Esc' or 'i' to go to inventory and equit or use items you picked up.

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Not bad, could use some sound though.

Amazing random rogue like action game. You did a great job. Maybe a bit of progression reward for the diehards?

Pixel Cave has its charm, I'll give it that. A fun little roguelike game in a simplistic style.

Alright, forgive me if I'm sloppy, because I'm pissed. I love this game. The floors are pretty neat and the things you either get from looting, buying, or killing the monsters are also well designed (the fact that some weapons break, some of them can be thrown, and the many different flasks). Although I thought that having to go into your inventory to throw items was tedious because that gave your enemy a small window to attack, which is really annoying when they can paralyze, poison, or burn you. The bosses are fun and different (if not a stronger version) of the regular enemies, but I had trouble with the first one because the items I had didn't exceed its toughness. Speaking of tough enemies (this is the thing I'm pissed about), is the bees. THE BEES ARE ANNOYING AS ALL HELL. Although they die extremely easily, most of the time they are able to hit you. I remember there being at least 15 bees in the stages that included them, and just drained my health. Now the concept of them is good, like maybe there's a bee hive you have to destroy, but I find the amount of bees just satanic! Like in one of the levels, there was a large room, filled to the brim with bees, not to mention the room before ALSO had bees. But besides the bee situation, the game is very enjoyable and with so much different loot, playing it more than once doesn't make the game very predictable. Another part I like is the diluted sight on the level, so A: you don't know what's in the rooms. B: you can't see anything that is in your range of vision (including the places you've already been), which makes you take everything step-by-step instead of running in guns blazing. Now even though you can't see everything at once, allowing players to regenerate on the same stage a couple of times kind of downs the caution levels since you get 5 lives on every stage. Now I'm saying that's a bad thing, as god knows how many times I've died, but maybe just give some lives every few stages (like the boss stages). The dwarf shoppes too are a good feature, as when you sell items you can buy them back, because let's say the item you bought got used up, so if you want it back you can buy it. The only other thing about this game that doesn't make sense to me is why do you just do stuff underground? You spawn in the over world with a house, beautiful scenery (compared to the dungeons), and stone steps that seem to go somewhere. Now there really isn't any story to Joseph's (I'm calling the guy Joseph) adventuring, so it doesn't really make sense to why he can't go in the house, or go exploring in the place you start. The other feature you could add to an over world adventure is dungeons in different areas. The dungeon you go to is just a hole in the ground, so why can't there be other holes that lead to other dungeons?

This is a great graphical interpretation of the original rogue dungeon-exploring game. The randomness of items and descending into the dungeon are perfectly captured. Nailed it.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2016
3:43 AM EST
Adventure - RPG