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NOTE 29/12/2016: Okay, bad news. The GML newgrounds api complete broke again about 13 hours ago, which caused a tone of errors and bugs in this game. It sucks, but I had to remove the API and medals...not my fault, but it's 2017 and I won't be working in Adobe Flash anymore for obvious reasons. If a stable version of the API becomes available, I'll re-add the medals, along with online high scores. :(


This is my first game exported to HTML5 - and my first to be playable on smart devices!

It's a re-imagining of an old flash game I made a few years ago called Green it. (And also an inverted concept of The Cloud)
I hope you like it :)

-Collect the smiling faces to earn points, and increase your combo
-Avoid the frowning faces - hitting into them too many times will result in a game over
-Use powerups !
-Upgrade your stats and unlock achievements !
-Try to earn as much points as possible !

Thanks for playing!
Twitter - https://twitter.com/jackastral
Follow me on Newgrounds - http://jackastral.newgrounds.com/follow

Online high scores are coming as soon as Newgrounds releases an official GM Studio API...

I also wanna give a big shout out to Raeldor for getting the unofficial HTML5 Newgrounds API working in GML:

Patch 1.4
-Removed newgrounds API :(

Patch 1.3:
-Fixed upgrading when not on upgrades tab

Patch 1.2:
-Better hit detection
-Happy faces won't spawn under sad faces while time paused is used
-Enhanced speed stat effects
-Combo font tweaked
-Increased euphoria white glow transparency

Patch 1.1:
-Fixed enemy movement bugs
-Lowered score requirements
-Fixed Hope medal being weird
-Balanaced enemies a little
-Other tweaks and improvements

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I was sad... I played this and now i am so Happy!

Bo Burnham will be triggered

JackAstral responds:


Thank you for this game man! Sure is relaxing and helps me forget :D

I like the quotes at the end of the game

I got every achievement in the game itself, but none of them registered for newgrounds medals. Any ideas?

JackAstral responds:

sadly the unnofficial newgrounds GML API stopped working randomly so the medals stopped working - out of my control... :(

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3.62 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2016
10:15 AM EST
Skill - Collect