Anthophobia v1.50 Demo

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Full version of Anthophobia is now available on Steam!



Hello Newground!

This game is a demo version of Anthophobia v1.50, which is updated version of Anthophobia 1.00, A survival horror action platformer.


How to play ::

Arrow keys - move

Shift + Arrow keys - Run

Z - Attack

X - Jump

C - Toggle weapon

A - Throw a glow stick

S - Rip the cloth and use them as a bandage

D - Reload / Cancel reload / Zoom in & out while H

G - Throw a molotov

E - Examine / Special interaction


- If the game is too hard, try switch the difficulty from [Option] tab!

- There is one hidden route in this DEMO! Try to find the another one if you finished the normal route :D!

Tip for finding the hidden route :

1. Gold card

2. Find a key to open storage room


Patreon Page link : https://www.patreon.com/Sourjelly

Developer blog : http://www.sourjelly.com/anthophobia

Dev twitter : https://twitter.com/Sourjelly_Dev


Currently the full version of Anthophobia v1.50 is in development.

Anyone who purchased Anthophobia v1.00, will receive this update as soon as it ready to release! :D

I hope you like this demo :D

If you liked this demo, please leave a comment for me! :D


Minor bug fix update ::

1. Now xbox gamepad works properly

2. typo fixed ;_;


If your web browser disabled WebGL, please check this link


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es un buen juego pero pregunto algo siempre que tienes una compaƱera que la de las orejas como la haces para que dejen de hacerle la violashion responde plis :RE

I need some help as when I try and change the difficulty it doesn't work neither do cheat codes. Can anyone fix this?

I really enjoyed that! That was a lot of fun, although the lighting in some areas made it really hard to make out anything (which got kinda annoying when I wanted to see the H...). Also, I don't know if it's the xbox controller, but sometimes going through doors made me go in and then out for some reason, which confused me... Overall though, I had a lot of fun with it! Really challenging survival horror experience.

Over all its a good game!