Anthophobia v1.50 Demo

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Hello Newground!
This game is a demo version of Anthophobia v1.50, which is updated version of Anthophobia 1.00, A survival horror action platformer.
How to play ::
Arrow keys - move
Shift + Arrow keys - Run
Z - Attack
X - Jump
C - Toggle weapon

A - Throw a glow stick
S - Rip the cloth and use them as a bandage
D - Reload / Cancel reload / Zoom in & out while H

G - Throw a molotov
E - Examine / Special interaction


- If the game is too hard, try switch the difficulty from [Option] tab!
- There is one hidden route in this DEMO! Try to find the another one if you finished the normal route :D!

Tip for finding the hidden route :
1. Gold card
2. Find a key to open storage room


Patreon Page link : https://www.patreon.com/Sourjelly

Developer blog : http://www.sourjelly.com/anthophobia

Dev twitter : https://twitter.com/Sourjelly_Dev


Currently the full version of Anthophobia v1.50 is in development.
Anyone who purchased Anthophobia v1.00, will receive this update as soon as it ready to release! :D

I hope you like this demo :D

If you liked this demo, please leave a comment for me! :D
Minor bug fix update ::

1. Now xbox game pad works properly
2. typo fixed ;_;

If your web browser disabled WebGL, please check this link


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it is a fun game to play but it needs more guns to it like a shotgun or assault rifle

What do I do whit the litlle boy\girl on 1.5? She does nothing and I canĀ“t interact whit her. Plz help.

How do you get past level 1 and a half? i know you don't beat the boss but i've got like 5 keys and then theres one door thats locked.. Help please? im really considering buying this if the next part works

god this is really good.

good smut
charming art style
well balanced combat
puzzles arent too confusing

great game lol

Really good game. Only problem is I'm basically playing for the pr0n and the only checkpoint is in the very beginning of the whole thing, so I didn't have the patience to keep going.

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2016
10:38 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other