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Smash ZZT

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A crossover game featuring the ZZT Guy and his quest to regain the popularity he lost over the last 25 years!

This game is the launch title for ZZT Ultra. ZZT Ultra is an enhanced version of Tim Sweeney's very first game creator.

This special NG release also lets you play any .ZZT or .SZT world file you happen to have kept around on your hard drive.

Additionally, the world editor is far more powerful than before.

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Beware: This does not "play any .ZZT or .SZT world file" accurately as advertised. The included Smash TV level doesn't accomplish anything Megazeux can't already handle. If you're looking for something fresh, checkout Playscii. Otherwise, better get the real thing.

Appetite4 responds:

For the records, this is a list of worlds tested with the engine: http://www.chriskallen.com/zzt/worlds.php#worlds

Conclusively verifying that a ZZT or SZT world works with a custom engine requires a full playthrough. Obviously I didn't have time to test every one of the tens of thousands of independent ZZT games out there.

back in the 90s, some school friends and I used to make small games using ZZT... oo boy it was fun =)

thanks for the fond memory, and great game!

ZZT will never die!

What a fun game.
I didnt understand exactly what i was doing but it was fun, spraying all the map with bullets and trying to get cash and superpower.

I died fast, but it was cool. I like this kind of messy game when you are totally lost but you do your best to survive.

Nice !