Strip Darts

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My first flash game - Strip Darts!

Strip the biker girl by hitting the center of the dartboard 3 times.

Some colors might bleed here and there. I decided to learn Inkscape. So I used the calligraphic/brush strokes tool. I wanted to make the lines more natural. But that made coloring and other things quite difficult. It was too late to start anew.
I had to scrap the breathing animation as well since it took a bit hit on the CPU. Probably due to the way I drew the girl.

Also some lines in the flash don't appear 100% the same as they do in Inkscape. I don't know if it's from the scaling or something else.

No gradients either. FlashDevelop doesn't support any.
Credits to David Williams for the dartboard.

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it is possible to beat it just takes like 15 minutes

I think this is an interesting concept. But I think it might have been more fun with music, and also with a point system. Get to a certain number of points in three rounds to strip off a layer, then do it again, then again. The way it is now it's extremely difficult, and not worth the effort. I would love to see another attempt at this.

Ok, for a first game, that's not bad. The artwork is nice for a first game, so kudos on that. It works as promised as far as I could tell, but there are clearly some problems. It's pretty difficult (at least for me) to get a bullseye, and since you have to start over if you miss three times and there's nothing else to hit but the bullseye, the game gets repetitive and frustrating quickly. The concept is pretty dated too, it's been done many times and better before. There's nothing wrong with trying a tested concept, but you could've put more of your own spin on it. Still, nicely done for a first game.

Musou-Enrai responds:


Pretty cool for what it is. I like these kinds of simple H games. The responsiveness is a bit too imprecise for as tiny as the bullseye is. Keep it up; excited to see what else you might make.

not worth the effort

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1.49 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2016
11:08 AM EST
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