Katarina: The General's Daughter

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StudioFOW returns to action with the new interactive flash movie "The General's Daughter" starring everyone's favorite redheaded assassin!

On a straightforward mission to assassinate a high ranking Demacian officer, Katarina ends up spotting more lucrative quarry - a Demacian General. Determined with taking matters into her own hands, she ignores her orders and assassinates the General instead. After all, who could resist such an opportunity?

Little does she know that the officer that she let go ended up slaughtering a Noxian regiment in the field the very next day. Noxian High Command was not pleased and she was duly sentenced for insubordination. Katarina's own father, General Du Couteau, orders her to undergo punishment at the hands of the depraved Torturemaster of Noxus. In this ancient and vile city, tradition goes before blood... and as the brash young assassin is about to discover - ancient Noxian punishments can be exhausting!


- PATREON SUPPORTERS! Without these guys, there is no studio!
- Snip and Money for animating
- Primer for letting us use his Katarina model (again)
- Mayak for model rigging
- Ganonmaster for Source engine conversion
- Quakeulf for texture upgrades
- Z0NE for audio scripting and eternal patience
- Rorschach for the bigtime coding skills
- Qwert for smearing cum everywhere
- Mpaws for the great Vorador remix (you decrepit old Blood Omen players will remember this)
- Rob King and Steve Baca for the Heroes 2 battle theme (you're an even older bastard if you remember this)
- Cat Guardian Beamwire, for posing noble citizens
- Stonemason and LTR for the Noxus environments and finally breaking Gaben with your 4K uncompressed textures
- Mr Kristoff for the concept and lore guidance

Last but not least thank you to the beautiful Alexia who provides the voice of Katarina. She gives yet another exceptional performance, and made this project come to life!

KNOWN BUGS: If you stay on the menu loop for 5+ minutes, the audio will be stuck on repeat. Obviously, don't dally for that long and pick an option already, ya doofus! :P


good nose if you know the game of paladins, is a game both PC and consoles with very good characters may be interested in parodies or games because their female characters are excellent

Your work is beyond amazing

I like that "Orc Fuck" is its own category. Not only are they Always Chaotic Evil, but we know they lust after human women! That's probably my favorite position, especially the first stage, though I'm a little confused by the perspective on that one - is he lying on his back with her on top?

I honestly love this, only thing I would to see more is Katarina 8 months later maybe sporting a belly with the secret beginning's user?

nothing is happening on my screen its just plain white.can anyone help me with this please

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Dec 17, 2016
2:30 PM EST
Simulation - Dating