Zealot: Genesis (Act 2)

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Act 2 is out!

Many of the bugs found in Act 1 has been fixed but the lag is still present. It's been recommended that you play this in Mozilla (Many users report lesser lag here). If it lags in either Chrome or Mozilla, just save your game and refresh the page. Doing this often solves the lag.

-Enemies now have HP Bars.
-In New Game, you start at level 10 to skip some grinding.
-Items now have item shine so you know where to find it.
-Trials of the Divines 2nd is available (You have to beat the first)
-Introducing new party member: Anzur (assassin class)
-2 New regular scenes. (No new H-CGs, sorry. Will make up for it in Act 3)
-Some enemies have been nerfed/buffed for balancing.
-NPCs now have facial expressions as well.

Please contact me if you wish to report a bug or you can do so in the review section.

If you like the idea of my game, please support me at Patreon. (I'm a very dedicated creator.)


Downloadable version is available now! Unfortunately in my rush I may have made one or two grammar mistakes but I hope it doesn't spoil the experience too much(English isn't my native language :<) But here you go:


for those with lag problems on browser, I really recommend this.


Some users report that you can't proceed past Dewfall as speaking to Alphaeus somehow does not trigger the boy to go search for him. I have only one solution which is to talk to alphaeus BEFORE reaching town. This is not a coding error but a loading order error and it occasionally hits some players. It is NOT a persistent issue.


Honestly very disappointed at having to write a walkthrough since the First ACT had little to no problems for players and now suddenly people who apparently didn't explore enough are complaining of getting stuck. Sorry, but I'm in a rather foul mood as this issue never occurred during the release of the first game. *sigh*

For the people needing guide:

Talk to Man in Glasses in Inperial camp before reaching town.
Go to town and talk to boy in green. Talk to girl in front of town hall and go in. Talk to Man in Glasses again. Follow man in glasses to outskirts near imperial camp and talk again. Return to Town and speak to guard at gate.

Seriously, except the aforementioned bug, everything else works fine if you knew how to explore just a little.

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I have to say tht I am enjoying the story a gret deal thus far, as for our ever hungry Locemb....I have a few ideas of who or what he might be. Until more info is given I will keep the ideas to myself

Very nice game! i get a really nice feeling every time i find gems like this on ng, i like the fact that you understand that the potential of an rpg is in, besides gameplay, it's narrative and character development. I think that maybe some additions like damage formulas for spells and a libra type spell (so we know what a monster is inmune/weak to) would be a great.
So with all that said, good job.
(BTW where do i find cg 4? lol)

OneManRektArmy responds:

CG 4 gets unlocked by losing to the Demon of Lust at least once. And you ought to try Act 3. If you liked act 2, you're gonna love act 3 ;) And thanks~!

Pretty good! Though it seems a bit buggy, with just a few adult pics peppered in. Definitely wit some polishing this could be perfect. I like :)

OneManRektArmy responds:

Play act 3. There's plenty more ;)

freakin' loving this game. you have just earned yourself a patreon sub!

OneManRektArmy responds:

Greatly appreciate it, thanks.

Talked to the kid and everything, still can't progress the story. Good game though!

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Dec 15, 2016
6:53 PM EST
Adventure - RPG