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Mine of Sight

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The idea is that it's like minesweeper, but with a variety of hint types, such as an 'eye' that tells you the number of mines in that row & column

You can click on a hint type if you forget how it works

More levels are coming, with about 4 new hint types

There is an option to just click to dig - as in classic minesweeper controls

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Thanks for playing it :D

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This is one of the best games I have ever played. It's a cross between Picross and Minesweeper. Anyone who enjoys puzzle games will love this.

Very well done puzzle game, and a refreshing take on Minesweeper in general! My only complaint is that there weren't more puzzles to solve. Most Minesweeper games seem to be able to also generate puzzles randomly. Perhaps you could work out how to do the same?

For those who can't quite understand the "See plus Touch" clues: If it touches a mine, it counts as two because it is both seen AND touched. It "sees 1 mine" and it "touches 1 mine." However, it counts as 2 for THAT CLUE ONLY. All other clues on the board will count it as 1, even other "See+Touch" clues. Any other "See+Touch" clues that are directly touching that mine will also count it as 2, but again, only for themselves.

For instance: Say I have a row of four spaces with a "See+Touch 5" on the left and right sides, each one touching the furthest space on each side. Like this: ST5[] [] [] []ST5 The clue on the left indicates 5 mines because it counts the one it touches as 2, but the other three are just 1s. It doesn't care what the other clue sees or touches. The same applies to the clue on the far right.

I like it a lot. Good job!

The "seen plus touched" says that touched bombs will be counted twice, but it doesn't seem to really do that.

Reminds me of the game Picma(?) or Battleship where you fill in the squares based on numbers on the edge. Only regret is lack of third marking for a "maybe" square as compared to a simply blank square. Do like the challenges with radial symmetry.