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Super Numarary

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Author Comments

I made this in a few hours. It's really hard but I find it fun. 50 is my max score. I haven't optimised this at all and the frame-rate drops loads for me when the screen is full of enemies.

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Oh hi Atlas Falling Down. Fancy seeing you here. Thanks for using my music, no one ever does. I was beginning to think my music was too weird for everyone. Great game chocks ^o^

Good game, but the play field is too small for the size of the player and the enemies. Make it bigger or the enemies smaller (or both). Also, remove the screen shake as it is very hard on the eyes. Music options are nice, or music off and FX only. Other than that good job.

Nice game if your going to work on improving it here are my suggestions
keep the nice music splosions get in the way of vision enemys come out of the wallls which kills me sooooo much plz get rid of that and if you can add a leveling system so you can improve as you go

Nice and addicting, but I think the explosions from the bullets when they hit an enemy get in the way of your vision and you'll run into an enemy and die.

This is actually really addictive. Only problem is, like FrenziedPlatypus said, could do with more weapons. I got up to 74, but after that, your weapon can't out dps the rate at which new enemies appear. Other than that, pretty d*** good.