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The killer is in this room

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Mistake of justice 5 Points

Point out wrong suspect

Reader 5 Points

Read report

Small talk 5 Points

Ask 10 questions

The killer is among us 5 Points

Start the game

And the killer is... 25 Points

Point out the killer

Author Comments

Done in 48 hours for LudumDare 37

It is not the best dinner party when one of the part-takers end up dead. Four suspects and only you can find out who did it. Interogate, investigate do whatever it takes. Don't let the wicked ones escape the justice!

left/right arrows or a/d - choose action
spacebar - accept
1 - talk to suspect
2 - see crime scene report
3 - verdict! put the killer behind the bars
4 - colorblind mode
m - turn off/on music

LudumDare link:

In case of bugs let me know at twitter or PM on newgrounds
1 - You will probably need piece of paper in order to make notes while playing this game
14.12 - Medals are in plans but I don't know yet how to implement them
14.12 - Game still has lightning issues if that bothers you please go to my LD entry site to download good version
15.12 - tried io.newgrounds for medals but no results. If you know any code example let me know.
19.12 - added a & d as alternative to left right arrow; minor control tips added in game.
22.12 - medals should work (alpha phase)
05.03 - medals working (confirmed)

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The graphics were really just disappointing. a LOT of the spelling hadn't been checked before publishing. And BTW if the player chooses the wrong culprit it comes up with an option for a solution but highlighting it and pressing space DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Weak and unappealing to the player.

I liked the idea of the game, but I think it is a bit too simple. Maybe it could become a detective simulator, if there were more cases, more advanced questioning, and a way to gave some suspects lieing. The first time I pointed the cook, because I imagined he was lieing, as everyone said that he smokes but he denied, so I belived he was nervous and lied. But overall, I liked the game, interesting and pleasing, with a few more cases, deeper investigations and more specific questions for the suspects, it could be a really good detective game.

i liked the game and it was a cool style, i think that if you could be capable of doing better images you will do amazing games.

I do enjoy these puzzles that really get you thinking, but granted this was just too easy. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but you can just pick a suspect, if you're wrong, choose return and pick another. Repeat until you get it right. I bet if you forced it to end after picking wrong and made some kind of randomizer for the problems this would do great. Good effort