The Painted Lady

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Author Comments

This nogame is about a life in a room.

Art: Bakir Kawham, Edu Verz
Writting: Adrian Castro
Code: Quike Zarraga

You can download the sound track here:


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As artistic representation of bleakness and dead-endness of a sex worker life this is done well, but obviously this not a game, just interactive story where your choices of interaction are ultimately meaningless, so no good score from me.

I am sure this game contains some symbolism, one I perceived was the intrusive giant Rhino acting as a giant male organ breaking in the room of the female. But ultimatly the game is not as deep as it is claimed by many reviewers and I can but smirk reading some pages long reviews trying to associate the weirdest and most far fetched symbolisms and analogies to this melancholic piece.

The first time I played this i quit halfway through since it looked like some kind of furry sex game, with great art though, which is absolutely not my thing. I decided to give it a try again and I'm glad I did.

In case you didn't find the journal: Read it. It's in the trash bags.
I missed it myself before, but after reading it the whole game has a lot more meaning. The broken mirror was pretty clear to me what it meant but the journal was the finishing touch.

This might be completely wrong, probably, but this is how I interpreted it.
The rhino is obviously the one that owns this place. The main character has a debt, the debt being the cause of her having to live in a place like that, and do things like that. But what is the debt?
In the journal they talk about someone's daughter, I take it that the journal is from her, so possibly she has a child but could not raise her since she doesn't have the money or because of other things.
The journal said something about her mom teaching her to not follow the rules, and that this place is a jail, so 1. she's talking about the prostitution as "not following the rules" or 2. She did something and got in trouble with the police/law, making her unable to raise her daughter, and end up in that "jail".
In the end we see the mirror, where she first appeared, but now she's just a lump of meat, as she called those persons herself.

Honestly, this could be so wrong and the actual story would be about a flower or something lmao but this is what i thought.

The game is wonderful and I'm definitely glad I decided to play it again, thumbs up to the creators.

It's sad that this chick has to pay back the rhino by engaging in filthy activities. I wonder when this is gonna end for her. After I clicked on the broken mirror, the game seemed to end as I couldn't click anywhere. Why there was no one to rescue her?
Visual text choices are stimulating.
Sound tracks are great and fit to the atmosphere.

One of the deepest games ive ever played.
The gameplay is simple, but the message is so strong.
Music is unbelieveable.
All its surrounded by a sad, powerful message.
As for artwork and programing; excellent.
Kinf of hard for some people to get the point of the game, its not something people are used to in this gamepages.

seems like an interesting thing you got here....wish there was a bit of backstory or some instructions as i got no idea what the fu** im doing or why. and then while trying to click around on various things in the room i ended up bringing up the cracked mirror where it seems to just stop. i dont even want to try again as ill just end up frustrated over not knowing what im supposed to be doing at all.

Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2016
9:15 AM EST
Simulation - Other