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critterfitz 'SAY CHEESE' Title Animation

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So this was cool and its a nifty piece you have here it is one of those that does cath you by "SUPRISE" and while it is a title screen its very short but I understand what its intenset is for, its pretty funny and suprising though and some really nice animation here with this one.

No changes needed on this one.


Great Work d00d
But too short tho :/

critterfitz responds:

Thanks dewd, I wanted to keep it kind of short because it's going to be the title card to my animations from now on. just something there to catch people off guard XD

The designs, effects, background, animation, and audio is top notch. Extremely short though.

critterfitz responds:

Thanks! Yeah, I thought it'd be good to keep it kinda short, it's going to be like a title card to my animations that i post from now on.

It's fucking creepy, but the art is very good. Keep it up.


critterfitz responds:

Thanks so much dude! c:

I love this :D the animation is awesome and the art is spectacular along with the fact that you overall voice acting is great!!

critterfitz responds: