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This game was made for Ludum Dare 37
Theme, One Room

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NY City, 1988

The task forces strike the Projects, building by building.
And at the last apartment of the eighty floor, the officers found a little girl with a briefcase full of evidences.
While she refuses to cooperate, you found your way to the one-room apartment where she's being held.


ok, but needs more. I had no prob with sounds, but too easy. no1 even attacked me!
or maybe im just that good...

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Well, this was super short. It would be nice game, but I think I'm missing the point - what evidences? Why did the girl have them? Who am I? Why did I take her and why did she go with me? So many unanswered questions... I didn't mind the gameplay tho, only if it had better story. It started out really promising, but the ending was too fast.

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Eh, I'm sorry, but I didn't like this. There was no sound. I didn't see any way to turn audio on. The graphics seemed too simplistic. It just did little for me. At least it had only one room.

The other games I've played are better. Oh, it takes place in 1988. That's why the World Trade Center was there. I guess it's easy to understand. It's just forgettable for me.

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xinelu responds:

May i ask what browser did u use to play it? It will be usefull to know (:
Anyway thx for playing!

the control are a little ruff

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xinelu responds:

I had some
problems with colision on sprites! ):
But thx for playing!

Quite short, but good enough for a LD entry.

There's just small problem that the recoil from shooting can hurl you through walls (especially in the narrow corridor). The movement animation is quite shaky, too.
And I wasn't completely happy with the AI either – you can shoot each enemy in the game from distance and the bystanders won't react at all, and will wait to be shot too. On the hand, if you do come close enough, everybody will instantly turn in your direction and shoot directly at you, even when they can't see you. All of them shoot together at the same time, and then again after a fixed period of time.
Not to mention there's only one kind of enemy.

But I understand there is only so much of what you can do in two days. :)

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xinelu responds:

:) next time i eill work on a proper AI, but thamx for the review!

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2.58 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2016
10:18 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun