Divorce: The Aftermath

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It's only seven days till Ludum Dare and I'm divorced, broke, depressed. I'm trapped in cycle of sadness, nostalgia and apathy. Living only in one room, spending my time procrastinating and idling.

Can you help me climb out of the existential hell and get ready to jam?

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So this was cool I really like how this one played out and was pretty interesting and the idea of this was fun the whole ludum was interesting and you have created a nice style all about it too bad you couldn't devote more time to this game as it was pretty good but could use some extras to keep the exciting level going and such but overall this was pretty fun and a nice game anyways keep up the fun game

Maybe a bonus moment or area that could make this even more exciting


I replay so many time and haven success yet (almost). I hope there is a replay button so I don't have to keep refresh my browser ,ah and a button that speed up text.....btw any tips to cheer you up? :D

tigerrenko responds:


sorry for your struggle, but that's how the things are. Trick is to survive the day one by popping the pill and then eating something, stay away from Facebook, sleeping and alcohol may bring benefits, but more likely are to put you to loop with no exit... also, sowwy for no reply button I am, after all, a noob coder...


Hey man, congrats on making this game! It took me over a year to finish my first complete game, and it's no easy task, even for something small.

You did a really good job of conveying emotion in this, and it had a really strong atmosphere. Well done.

Sorry you're having a rough go. I saw this guy speak a while ago and it helped me to be more happy and to change my outlook when I was having some trouble with depression: https://youtu.be/GXy__kBVq1M. It might seem kind of silly at first, but the guy's done the research and has the credentials to back it up. Maybe it will help you out too.

Here's a link to his book too, if you're interested: http://www.imd.inder.cu/adjuntos/article/607/The%20Happiness%20Advantage%20The%20Seven%20Principles.pdf

Keep your chin up! Things get better :)

tigerrenko responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it and much grateful for the links!

Kind regards

I actually didn't think this was that bad. It's mostly because it was interesting to learn more about you. This really is what it's like for you, right? Well, it's something unique at least. Yeah, the artwork isn't that good. The resolution is poor.

I would have liked to see actual clips in this. This certainly had potential. I think it glitches on the second day. I'm in my room too. Good thing I never married.

tigerrenko responds:

The game was made in Scratch which limits resolution to 480x360 and as for images, they are intentionally blurry. Thank you for the review.

Hey; I've never been divorced, i've seen my dad go through divorce and it's not an easy thing to deal with. I hope you have people you talk to and are considering seeking professional help if you need it. I hope things get better for you.

tigerrenko responds:

Thank you, it's very difficult almost impossible just like this game. I made it to help myself pull together, and maybe it will bring more understanding for people that are grieving...