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Blob Catcher

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Author Comments

*Due to the engine I used (Scratch 2.0), the game may take some time to load, but it doesn't have any "preloader". So, if you have a blank screen, please wait while the game is loading*

Catch blobs with a grappling hook!

You’re in a room full of blobs, and they have an overwhelming desire to escape. Use your grappling hook cannon to catch as many blobs as possible, and don’t let them escape through the top of the room!

Aim with your mouse and click to shoot.

You’ll have to tie two blobs together to stop them. The first time you shoot, you’ll stick one end of the grappling hook to a blob. Your second shot will grapple another blob. Once two blobs are tied, they’ll be attracted towards each other until they get smashed out!
The farther away the two blobs are, the more points you’ll score!
And, each time you manage to smash additional blobs when the two are attracted towards each other, it’ll double the points you just scored!

Share your highscore in the comments!

This game was made from scratch in 48h, for the Ludum Dare 37 competition.


This game was made using Scratch 2.0. Full source of the project available here:

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I also use Scratch!
I wonder how can you put a Scratch work on this site,I would like to know!

Anyway, nice game to play!
I am sure Zigaudrey from Scratch would like to see how the program is.

drludos responds:

Hi, the full source code of the game is available on the Scratch 2.0 platform if you want to look through it: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/135858059/

And to be able to post on this website, I simply used the following 'Scratch to SWF' converter program: http://junebeetle.github.io/converter/online/

You upload your .sb2 file (a save to your hard drive of your scratch project) to this converter, and it output you a SWF file, which is the Flash File format, that runs smoothly on Newgrounds :).

Nice game. Glad to see that you're still making video games.