Through the Loop

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This is my fourth animation, and the animation I am the most proud with.

After viewing my previous animations I kept thinking about the very basic visuals, so after 'The Swatter and the Fly' I setted out to create an animation that would put emphasis on the visuals as well as to improve upon the animation, utilizing techniques I was experienced with.

Meanwhile, in my Media class we were given the task to create a music video on a song that currently had no music video. I pondered on what song I should make a music video for, but from the get-go I immediately knew I wanted to create something that would showcase my skills as an artist as well as to show my intended art style, I also thought doing this will create a reaction from the audiences which was needed.

This was the first animation I made that used a storyboard, most of my animations are often made as I go, and I refused to use one, however my tutor demanded the class to make one.
So for one and a half lessons I'd just sit and think of grotesque and abstract imagery and ideas that I could include in my animation. After I had a clear idea of what I wanted to make, I still wondered what song I should make my video for. As I was listening through songs, I thought of creating a music video for Pendulum's Through the Loop, as in my opinion the track was very unique and stood out from the rest of the tracks Pendulum had made. I also thought it would be a good idea to create a tribute to Gene Wilder and Pendulum.

However, I didn't start production on the animation until September, because I had to finish off Bloody Blitz's 'Pokemon is Cancer' video. The video was really stressful for me, and to add more stress, I had loads more ideas and videos I had to make.

When starting progress in the animation I genuinely thought I was never going to finish the animation, but as soon as I was forced into production I worked on it 24/7 every week. And after 3 months the animation was finally complete, thankfully I set out to create a short version of the song because I thought a full version would've been impossible in the time set for me to complete the animation.

After seeing reactions from my friends and random people, I knew I made something great. And as I said earlier I'm very proud of how this turned out and the fact I even finished this animation.

I will be sure to create more in the style of this animation.


This was nice.
Just remember to include a seizure warning on account of that strobe at the end.

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Marioguy888 responds:

Thank you for your appreciation and I've already included a disclaimer.

I enjoyed that a lot! I love trippy mind twist animation. I would have loved to see this in color and maybe a few more scene designs that build off of the mouth. I'm just being picky at this point... You did an outstanding job. Great work!

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Marioguy888 responds:

Thank you for your response, but the colourless gothic-ness of the animation was the intended style choice, but in terms of the mouth, it was one thing other people talked about when discussing possible problems. And currently I am adding shading to the animation, the main reason why I didn't include shading before was because of the time constraints. However, I'm not entirely certain if I should do this after filling a few frames with shading, due to the added detail meaning a lesser smoother framerate for the mouth, as well as ruining the surprise of some of the later parts in the animation.

Very trippy... I like it. :)

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Marioguy888 responds:

Thank you very much for your appreciation, I'm honestly surprised I was able to get the intended reaction from this animation.

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Dec 11, 2016
4:45 PM EST
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