Windows XP Sim

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How to get medals if you wanna cheat: https://youtu.be/05IJMjxpiIw

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I like it, it's have all i like, funny sounds and medals. 10/10 i will played again

This is good, it reminds me of going on scratch and playing all of the shitty simulators but this one beats all of them

even though im tired of windows xp parodies this is alright if you could make a windows 10 parody that would be great. and also where can i get the music at the end?

So I found the medals but hmm not sure where I got the one for visiting you on NG! If it was the 'follow me on NG' link on the shutdown frame, that one doesn't seem to work. Overall bit rushed Win XP parody, without any real parody, just a lot of random error messages without puns - but just random errors. Feels lik you could've put more jokes into it, wordplay, maybe some actual gadget or game, and a bit higher resolution so it's not all so pixelated? It's alright, but feels really rushed.


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StaticSkull responds:

I'll try harder next time :)

Actually in comparison to the good old XP it's the Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 that should be called shitty. I was hoping that Microsoft will finish the Windows 9 project, but that never happened. In 8.1 the "system thread exception not handled" BSOD occurs even more frequently than the BSOD in Windows 98. I can't even watch anything on YouTube without being afraid of this to happen. In Windows XP there even wasn't such a thing, such a critical error which would be occurring all the time. Moreover: I got a quad core CPU and under 8.1 the computer is sometimes working slower than my old one was working under XP. About 10: many people say that it is "surprisingly laggy". There is also the functionality. In XP you could fix some things by yourself by entering certain options, settings etc., in current systems many settings aren't even accessible for the user. But of course if somebody is looking for gadgets and pre-installed web games and not pure functionality...
Summarizing: your submission is definitely not showing the true nature of Windows XP :-)
You could also add more options - on NG there are many submissions like this, so you could find some inspiration for that - and try to hide the medals a bit, so they would really be worth those 50 points ;-) This value is likely to be asked to be decreased because of that.

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1.71 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2016
8:17 AM EST
Simulation - Other