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An Arduous Journey

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As the commander of your team you must defeat the demon in the Thormund caves. Fight, travel, expand and level up in this wondrous adventure!

The complete version, I hope you guys like it.

Game Icon credit to Open game art

When you load the game it will take a minute or two. Just leave it and you will be fine.

- Shop Buy/Sell fixed!
- Run Button Fixed!
- Skill buttons fixed!
- Enemy "Stuck bug" fixed!

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I was really loving this game until I was unable to buy or sell anything in the shop. I saw you posted that the bug was fixed, but this is the exact problem I'm having.

It's a great idea, but it does need some work...
1. I wish I had the ability to view damage given/taken and attacks used by enemies in battle

2. It would also be useful if the health was a number as well as a bar, like right above it, so I know that if a move does X amount of damage then I shouldn't waste it on that enemy

3. There was some confusion in the inventory after beating the third level in the first area. I got a katana, but I'm unsure which character (if any) will ever be able to use it, as I can't seem to give it to anyone. It would be nice to say in its description if it's an item or an actual weapon for a character.

4. There was also a major bug when I was checking out the katana in my inventory. While messing around in the "Edit Unit/Outfit Soldier" menu, I tried to move some equipped powers into my inventory and they started acting up. One of them disappeared under one of the character inventory slots when I let go of it while the other drifted away from where my mouse was and ended up being dropped off screen. I managed to get the one under the inventory slot by clicking its edge, but when I went to place it in the overall inventory, the entire inventory deleted itself. Now all my potions and the katana are gone, along with the two powers I had for Jack.

5. It would be great if there were more variants of weapons and items in the shop that are more affordable. I would love to not have a weak club on Jack for 6 battles because the lowest price for a weapon is 2000 gold. The only affordable thing is potions, and I can't even buy very many. The shop only has 3 in stock and once you buy them you have to go to battle for them to be able to bought again.

6. Also, all the potions at the beginning of the game heal the same amount yet take up three slots in the store and inventory, which just seems wasteful. They should be stack-able in my opinion

This game has some nice potential but still require a lot of work. :)

There are few things that bother me after playing it for few minutes:
- Characters' names are rather hard to read.
- Arnold and Reggie are quite useless in the early game (not sure how it's later). Archer can shoot only 1 arrow for 3 ap and he has still 3 ap remaining. He also doesn't have any melee attack. The mage has at least 1 melee attack but his only offensive spell has 3 rounds of cooldown.
- The area (distance) is often too big. Everyone has to waste at least 1 round on movement before getting a chance to attack.
- This game perhaps could use some kind of chat/text console that would show who attacked with what and what was its effect.
- I don't know what is all that exp for. You could lower the requirements for the 1st level-up to let players know what it gives.
- I haven't seen too many items in the shop that I could buy with the amount of money I earned from my mission. Let's say I got like ~400 gold from the 1st mission. Besides potions and books, the cheapest thing I can buy is worth 2.000 gold. Ok, I don't have to get the best item after just 1 mission, but maybe let me upgrade/change something after 1-2 missions (it'd be like 6 battles)?

The only aspect I found Arduous about this journey is the lack of sound design, action, and the sheer amount of will-power one requires to not fall asleep whilst playing this game. However, it does show great promise.

To everyone else who was frustrated that it wasn't explained, when you're at the world map the party menu is at the bottom left placed behind the author credit. Aside from that, decent trpg