The Millionaire!

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Start clicking on the paper money and buy investments to accumulate money faster without the need to click.
The more you click, the higher your click level goes and the more money you start getting per click.
Once you accumulate a sum of money, you die in the game, to be resurrected for even more money and unlock new perks.
Enjoy! :)

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"The webpage at https://www.anothergames.com/games/html5/ClickerGame/index might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address."

It was okay. You had an idea with potential, but the graphics weren't quite there, although they were clean, they seemed more like something made in MS Paint with line tools. The story came in too big of periods for a game like this, and it seems like it was too big of a part of the game, although I appreciate you putting a story into the game rather than just an idle game with no premise. It became rather boring quite quickly and did not hold my interest for very long. Lastly, the resurrection part seemed to just kind of came out of nowhere. It was a bit random and did not go with the rest of the game.

This game was okay, but it got boring really fast. I thought that boring-ness would lessen with the third money option, but I was misled. An option that tells you "100X click power" just wiped away all my assets and levels in return for offering 100 dollars per second and forced me to be reborn. This was not told to me in a way that made it understandable. It did mention it in the bottom text, but it said I needed "500.000" dollars and that my return would 1000 dollars a second. This is completely incorrect.

Its Brings Something Rather New To Idle Games with A Great simple story but yet so deep. thought it could use some work on the Programing and lay out work. and need a lot more detail and looks

It's an ok game. Some bugs. If it was the first game of it's type, I'd be impressed. But I've seen dozens just like this, so unfortunately this isn't new or interesting at all.

Besides the type of game, some constructive feedback:
Sound level is too loud. Most other games I don't adjust volume for. This one almost killed my ears when the web page loaded.
Tier 7 price is messed up. My level 200 tier 7 was just a little bit more expensive than the level 50 tier 4 that I had. The price scaling for the 3rd option in each group is too much. It isn't even worth getting it past around level 5, the cost is too much for the little benefit you get.
The game was fairly tedious for me and I was using a 25 clicks per second autoclicker. Someone manually clicking would get carpal tunnel before finishing the first life.
Also, please make it clearer about what happens when you die. It just suddenly reset everything without telling me why. Also, the goal for the 2nd life is the same as the first, but the text says differently, I think. Well... maybe it says 500.000 the first time, and half a million the second time. I guess they are the same thing, but why say them differently? Again, my memory could just be wrong.
Lastly, it took me until the third life before I realized what those arrows were for. It would be good to make those buttons stand out more and maybe a short tutorial or a help button that labels everything would be good.

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2.55 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2016
2:00 PM EST
Simulation - Job