Furry Beach Club

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Furry Beach Club is an erotic anthropomorphic adult sim game featuring a free-roaming environment, rotating and updating cast and richly animated adult sex scenes.

Characters with interactive scenes require a small amount of coins, however Twyla's tutorial and Carla's content are fully coin free. Coins can be found at respawn points in-game which respawns roughly once a week or can be purchased or pledged over at Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/furrybeachclub).

Furry Beach Club was build by a small team of developers. We have put our heads together on the development for many hours but we don't consider our game perfect. Help us improve Furry Beach Club by writing a review. We read and take any and all suggestions into consideration.

Thank you for your time checking us out!

Planned NewGround updates:
- Scaling so the game fits inside the NewGrounds Template (active);
- Another border design;

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Microtransactions?! Seriously?! You're like the Furry EA!

Great game, all is good. but. Use Patreon, DO NOT use shaddy mircotransections and forcing people to milk their money just to get ahead or waiting for coin to spawn. I seen games like Hottie ride 69, which last option reserved for patreon that is good example the developer get funds and mircos are not good source. you want to use mirco-transactions GET UP your GAME

I don't know if the creator is reading reviews anymore.

Okay first thing. I love the animation and art styles. The music and voice acting is good though, the animation for scene is top notch. Everything flows great except for easy come backs and such.

Now the cons, a forced freemium game is now the way to make money. People will donate if they like it and get free stuff like maybe early access to newer versions or exclusive characters.
There are ways to improve. I get it's small now and having easy to get coins means easy to get girls. but maybe if you added more of a work system or maybe minigames to make coins. More characters are needed to expand the world and such so maybe different rooms like pools or a fitness room.
Please read this and think of more of a business person. Think of it as owner ship. People can have their own copy of the game to download for donating enough. Exclusive versions and characters. Give majority free to have the extras worth while.

The game keeps getting better and better and the animation is advancing.
There are a few things I would like to see.
A foreplay and sex scene option.
You can work for coins instead of finding them, let's say 8 to 12 coins a week.

This game has good artwork and the concept of picking up
hot furries in a beach resort is good, but the game is too
focused on paying for it's own development that the game
itself was forgotten.