Elf Hunter

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Elf Hunter is a holiday themed shooting gallery- blast sexy elves with Christmas ornaments, yellow to stun, pink for SEXY, and blue to freeze them solid!

See the PLAYER'S GUIDE for all you need to know:

Elf Hunter features SIX full levels including four sexy bosses: Jackie Frost, Miss Claus, Grinchilla, and the dreaded KRAMPUSS!

CLICK ammo ornaments to change ammo type, CLICK presents to open them, and CLICK your toybox to use special powerups you collect from the inchworm! Try FREEZING all enemies then use PINK ammo on one for some hot elf sex... fill that HUMILIATION meter to move on to the next level!

Happy Holidays!


Great game.

Really like this game, it is very playable with about the right level of difficulty and has some well thought out features. I agree with the previous comments (wdreyer1 on December 14) that perhaps some variation with the humiliation animations would be good, and perhaps some further victory animation at the end of each stage after the boss has been defeated would be good.
Overall a great piece of work BarbarianBabes! Do you have any plans to work on and release a upgraded version based upon any of the suggestions you've had? It'd be really interesting to see how you develop it. Thanks for posting the current version here.

fucking ew

BarbarianBabes responds:

omg you're hired

I liked it. took a second to figure out how to beat the levels but it was simpler than i thought. just build up the lust meter. good game 3 star game just wished there was a sex scene for each of the adds. :)

You need to read the Play Guide listed in the Author Comments in order to get an idea how to play. Also, it may take some time for the game to load in between stages. But there are a number of great things about this game. First, it is a full game with multiple stages! Seems to be very rare with everyone giving you a minutes worth of gameplay nowadays and then saying, "Hope you enjoyed the Demo!" Also, there is actual gameplay involved, not just post and click. The animated characters are (for the most part) kind of sexy.
If I wanted to nitpick the game a little I would make the following suggestions: First, don't put the present in the middle of the screen. I am one more shot away from winning when the present pops up where I am shooting the boss and kills me with a bomb. Perhaps the present should appear on the side somewhere. I was surprised the final boss had no minions. Also, as others have mentioned I wish there was a gallery unlocked at the end and a way to go back to your favorite stages.
For those who are having trouble I recommend first killing off the minions by humiliating them to death. That will eliminate the biggest drain on your life when fighting the bosses. You can do that by freezing every character on the screen (sometimes you will need to wait until enough minions fill the screen in order for this technique to work) then hitting them with a pink bullet. You can also keep grabbing toys (or get lucky with a present and hope for the Santa hat) until you have all the toys and get the super weapon to humiliate and hurt them to death.
I do have one question: is there a way to get a different animation when screwing with the characters (EX: Blowjobs, tit fucks, anal, missionary, Act.)? Because it seems to be the only animation is doggy style. Thanks for all your hard work and keep them coming!

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BarbarianBabes responds:

Thanks for the review! Those are some great suggestions I'll see what I can do.

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1.98 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2016
12:40 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed