New Heights

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Skilfully balance your clicks while while dodging bombs and collecting fruit. Where you click the giraffe will determine his trajectory! Controlling the giraffe may take some practise!

Collecting fruit increases points, as does a successful click.

Bombs will teleport the player to a random location on screen, which increases the likelihood of falling through broken rhythm.

There are 10 ranks to unlock, from Novice through to the Greatest Of All Time, for the most dedicated players. Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals are also up for grabs!

Enjoy! Any suggestions are appreciated.

--Future update: Powerups --

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liked the game what did you use

Greenbeaver responds:

Hey mate, I'm really glad you liked it. I use an open-source Lua engine called Amulet- http://www.amulet.xyz/ . Despite being non-visual it has great documentation and built in functions (super quick to learn.)

If you want to keep up to date with any of my future creations, then I would appreciate if you followed me on Newgrounds.

Hey, i love that you used the suggestions from your last game, it's really awesome to see you making improvements.

Just a few things: Relyss mentioned an error with chrome, and i think that may be applicable to my experience, as i found that the game would lag, causing my character to jump to the bottom of the screen. I won't deduct any stars from the review because of this, but that's just something to mention.

GAMEPLAY: It's really good, you've kept in the original idea, and built upon it, i love that you've got a leveling system, and that you've now built in a more complex mechanic of dodging bombs, and getting fruit; the only issue found in the gameplay is directly linked to the game screen. The game screen size is too small, meaning that you need to force your character to stay relatively low, making it hard to dodge bombs, due to them coming out where you don't have time to adequately dodge them; on top of the screen size, when you hit the sides of the screen, your character is returned to the middle, much like the original. In this type of mode, that really makes dodging really taxing, and i would suggest putting in a wall system, so you bounce off of walls reasonable, rather than the teleporting. Either way, play around with screen sizing a bit and see if you can find the right area size; as it is, i'm enjoying the game.

MUSIC/AUDIO: The music is nice, albeit a bit too loud for my tastes; though i can turn down my speakers, so there's not an extremely glaring issue there, simply try to lower the levels of audio a bit and then add it in, and it should be a relatively easy fix. The SFX aren't too bad, though the coin *ka-ching* sound effect is over used, and i would suggest adding a few more SFX in for different effects (eg. bomb exploding, fruit have a slurping sound like they've been eaten, etc.). Overall, i'm extremely happy you've added in music, it's really good with the pace, and really nice to see generally!

PLOT/STORY: I am really happy you added in a fun little plot to it, i'm glad you didn't over complicate it, simply made it a cute little collectathon for the players, really appreciate you putting it in there!

ART: The art is really nice; it's still the same sprite, and i would still love to see some animated sprites in there, but it's looking nice. The snow, clouds, and sky really help make a quaint little atmosphere, and i think that you've done really well with showing the player the different objects that are good and bad in the little tutorial/show in the beginning of your game.

Overall: I unfortunately didn't get any level ups due to the lag issue, that's a tad saddening for me (though i won't discredit you for it), but i can see that you've been improving on your game, and it's really nice to see, and i look forward to seeing it grow further. The reason i'm giving it a 3.5, is to be fair to my marking system of reviews. I generally would add more with an animated sprite, diverse range of sounds, and a shop system. I'm compelled to give you a 4, but i can't due to the bar i've set in my reviews; As long as you know that this game is very close to the potential of a 4 from me, i would hope that really gives you a sense of how much i appreciate your improvement of your game!

Greenbeaver responds:

Thanks a lot for such a detailed review!

I might try and fine tune the gameplay a bit but it's possible that the jumping may just be due to hitting the bombs. As my programming skills get better I will be able to fortify the physics system a bit more including the bouncing off walls. In general, it will continue to be a work in progress.

Your suggestions have been great and continue to be appreciated, and I will try and continue to implement them into future updates. I won't re-release the game again, but will probably continue to make updates on this upload as most subsequents changes will be more minor.

I've got new projects in the works, so if you want to keep in touch with any new releases then it would be awesome if you would consider following me on Newgrounds.

I agree with your rating, It's not a perfect game yet!

It might be me but I really did not get the controls....

There is an error with Chrome, it's impossible to start the game :(

Greenbeaver responds:

That is odd, I am using it successfully on chrome! Do you have an older version? The game is Html5, so older browsers may not be able to run the game. Otherwise, it beats me why it won't work for you

Not bad dude, game is fun and lots of cool graphics, only thing is this song is from another game i think it was shovel knight but i suggest you throw that credit to him. Its the right thing to do.

Greenbeaver responds:

Thanks. I actually got the music from a royalty free website, it said the track had like 6000 downloads, so I imagine it's in a fair few other games. Glad you liked it!

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2.75 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2016
10:23 PM EST
Skill - Toss