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Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest Demo

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Thanks for the frontpage! And the Daily 3rd Place? Amazing!

It seems that the whole world is on the verge of the terrific cataclysm. Strange cults and evil monsters spread on the once peaceful lands. But who cares? Maybe you?! The time for adventures and glorious deeds has come! It's time to complete probably an epic quest!

Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is an old-school parody role-playing game. Prepare to explore a vast fantasy world, complete dozens of weird and zany quests, fight dangerous foes, loot every chest that you'll stumble upon to and even talk to animals, while looking for a cucumber that your wife asked you to bring. Maybe you'll even get the opportunity to save the world. Who knows?

- 9 playable character classes, each with it's own possibilities
- mysterious fantasy world to explore
- strange NPC's and lots of quests
- more than 100 unique artifacts and equipment
- dynamic battle system
- weird monsters and mighty bosses to fight

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The game glitched out in the first dialogue scene, when the chat window popped up there was only a blank window and the avatar of the girl talking. Nothing to click and no hotkeys did anything at all. There are some serious glitches in this game still.

Wolod responds:

I'm not surprised. This demo wasn't updated since the upload to Newgrounds. I keep updating only the desktop version. Major bugs were fixed back in December 2016.
You can download desktop demo for free here: https://gamejolt.com/games/mad-nords-probably-an-epic-quest-demo/214962
or here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/417520/Mad_Nords_Probably_an_Epic_Quest_Demo/

I couldn't even get off the title screen. There's no listing for controls and tried every key I could think of. Serious issue right off the bat, but good art at least.

Wolod responds:

It's point and click game, my friend. Use your mouse. You may take a look at hotkeys and redefine them in the options menu.

This is one of the best NG games I've played. Very intuitive battle system. One criticism: the lowercase "a"s looks like the lowercase "o"s. You might want to edit the font if you made it, or choose a different font if you didn't. I might get this on steam if you make a mac version.

tl,dr: good battle system, a's look like o's, and make a mac version on steam.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for feedback! I'm glad that you like our game. I didn't make the font (it's called Hardpixel). I'd probably edit letter "a" when I'll have spare time. Also I'm afraid that currently we have troubles with Mac support. But we hope to solve them in the nearby future.

Very cool Wolod! Great you got it on steam I hope you have much success. I'm just playing but it's clearly well done!

Wolod responds:

Thank you very much!

I loved the game but I would add in more customization for characters, and an option for both genders would be fun.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for feedback! We thought about making playable female character at the early stages of the development. But since a big portion of plot is based on the relationship between husband, wife and his mother-in-law and family-related stereotypes we decided to cancel that feature.

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2016
8:04 AM EST
  • Audacity
  • FL Studio
  • Paint.net
  • Construct 2