Flapcat Christmas

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FlapCat received an urgent telegram from santa (yes, he does not use the internet yet). Xmas will be cancelled unless FlapCat can deliver the presents this year! OH EM GEE!!!!

Yep, FlapCat is back for the jolly season! Ho Ho HO ur way to a challenging highscore in this game of skill and of daring and of tragedy - your tragedy, as u will die many times.


This Is Okay! :/

Huh, was there supposed to be music? I certainly didn't hear any. I remember these kinds of games from you guys before. They haven't gotten any better. I mean, it's just the same stuff. How is this guy even a cat?

Why'd you have to have him hit all the individual reindeer? It got annoying. People don't like Flappy Bird anyway. I guess I like the graphics. At least it's Christmas related.

For the love of everything that's unholy and cursed.... Change. That. Music. If you can even call it that. I feel sorry for whoever made it and thought to him/herself "yeah, this sounds good".

I never liked flappy bird much, but it's sure better to have a different version where you don't play as a crappy bird trying to jump over graphics from mario.
It looks nice, actually. But there's nothing new about it and just like the original- it makes me want to quit after 30 seconds of gameplay.

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2.58 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2016
9:48 PM EST
Skill - Avoid