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Dustrider EX

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Author Comments

* A retro action platformer with random level generation. Switch between pilot and mech to take on an army of evil.
* Your mech runs on power, which can be lost by attacking or taking damage in the mech.
* Refill power by attacking enemies as the pilot, or in special refill rooms. Pilot's health gradually recovers when inside the mech.
* Balance HP and Power by switching between two playstyles!
* The pilot wields a light gun, and the Mecha boasts ultra-powerful shotgun and charge-beam abilities.

[Gamepad Controls]
Joystick/D-Pad - Move/Aim
X - Attack
A - Jump
B - Roll (Pilot only)
Y - Summon/Enter/Exit mech
PAUSE- pause/menu navigation

[Keyboard Controls]
WASD Keys - Move/Aim
Left Key - Attack
Down Key - Jump
Right Key - Roll (Pilot only)
Up Key - Summon/Enter/Exit mech
Enter - pause/menu navigation

Thanks for playing! Let me know your thoughts. I have many more projects in the works, will hopefully upload soon. Check me out!

Official Dustrider EX site:

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I completed the game with a trick, I'm not sure if it's an intentional feature.

I had fun playing this

I noticed you made it with game maker studio...
Anyway, I like the Metroid style graphics and play.
It is high quality.

Very well done. The graphics are amazing the music is great and the mechanics are amazing. I can see this turning into a fully fledged game on steam. I as well am working in Game Maker Studio still learning so far from any thing this advanced. This was super fun to play and I'll be keeping an eye out for updates.

Amazing game amazing music awesome everything can I ask what did you use to make it?

Stebdub responds:

Thanks DanJamesv! Programmed in Game Maker Studio, exported with the HTML5 module. Did some of the pixel art in GIMP 2 (image editor), then animated in Game Maker's image editor (great for animation). I did the music on a very old version of Garage Band... not sure which version, had a digital keyboard hooked up to an old macbook. Made the sound effects with bfxr.net .