The Suicide Cult

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You are member of a cult that perform a ritual you had not foreseen. The ritual is meant to leave a single "random" survivor. Members will kill each other, shifting turns clockwise direction. You do not like the idea of being killed, so you'll try to figure out what position you should take, to survive the ritual.

# For most carnage, play the windows version, found on http://gamejolt.com/games/the-suicide-cult/214226 :)

# Play either normal or hard mode

# Can you survive all 10 levels?

Mouse to select
Space to continue
C to clear the ground for blood
Escape to return to menu

Made in 48hours

#puzzle #5minutes #gore

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Interesting. I might explore this game again in the near future because apparently there is some sort of mathematical algorithm to it. That is great. Such a clever game!

A really nice puzzle that matches with this time of the year. Took me about a minute to understand the puzzle but when I understood what the puzzle was I shot through the rest of the game.

This is a very interesting puzzle game, actually. Suicide cults are some creepy stuff, man.

The "easy" mode is an implementation of a well known mathematicla puzzle, and that actually makes
it cooler, bringing math into a gorefest pixelated game to challenge our brains. It does become boring if you know an easy algorithm to solve it, though, so yeah. Now, the hard mode is where it's at: by introducing different character behaviors, indicated by their shirt colors, a new dimension of complexity is added, and the game becomes harder.

I like how the shirt colors are randomized at the beginning of each level, giving us a different puzzle everytime (in fact, a single shirt change can drastically alter the final outcome), but I feel kinda bummed that we can't retry the same puzzle as the one we just failed at, maybe a simple command that allowed us to enter a "seed" to generate a random set of levels would be nice, since it'd allow us to go back to the situations that got us stumped.

This being a jam entry (I assume, given the 48 hour development time), I'd say it's pretty good as it is, even though, as expected, it doesn't have all that much content in it.

I actually really like this.
The sound is perfect, the art is perfect, the mechanics are perfect, and it does take quite a bit of thinking (unless you guess and click to see the final results...). The only issue I had was nOT BEING ABLE TO USE ENOUGH FINGERS TO ELIMINATE THE ONES WHO GOT KILLED!!! :(

Good Game

Hint: The even numbers (0,2,4,6,8) always die

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3.57 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2016
5:55 PM EST
Puzzles - Other