Andromeda Prelude

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About the game:

Mass Effect: Andromeda Prelude is the fan fiction visual novel. Play as Commander Shepard, who's been contacted by the member of the Andromeda Initiative on one serious matter. Enjoy an interactive experience in the Mass Effect universe, which serves as the bridge between the original trilogy and an upcoming ME: Andromeda game !

Game features:

-high-quality animated characters;
- interactive dialogues;
- two game endings;
- animated backgrounds;
- original trilogy music & sound effects;
- game runs in HD resolution 1280×720 px

** You're welcome to support the creator on Patreon, where you can also get downloadable PC and MAC versions of the game (both work in fullscreen mode): https://www.patreon.com/masscomics

** Get more Mass Effect fan art: https://gumroad.com/masscomics

This visual novel is an experimental project. It's devoted to all Mass Effect and sci-fi fans out there. The plot is pure fan fiction
and may not represent the vision of Bioware on certain events.

Thanks for playing !

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1 Shepard have a derpy face (i though he was a better looking Zaeed lol) -/=5 = 0.5
2 this Sarah Ryder looks better than the one in Andromeda +2
3 a bit heavy to load/run -0.5
4 not a Liara Fan for reasons -100000000000000000000000 (but just -1)
5 Talimancer
6 visual quality 2.5
7 music 1.0
8 reapers are destroyed and shep have 3 kids (using my imagination and others Shep have kids with tali and house on Rannoch) = 5

i liked the overall content and the effort you put it and for andromeda.... hehehehehe.... i better not use my last 11k words

gamelaboratory responds:


Thanks for playing and enjoying the game, your high rating is much appreciated! Stay tuned for more content. :)

It was really good! I love the Mass Effect games and can't wait to play the newest one. If you get around to it the next game you make should have more choices, like who Shepherd is in love with, as for me it was Tali. Also like Skullfather said you could make some new missions that weren't In the games. Wish you luck in whatever project you work on next!

gamelaboratory responds:

Hello, spiritfox60!

Thank you for playing the game and giving it such a high rating!
A new game project is in development, so stay tuned for news! :)

game nice :-) and i'm see Art image nice :) work Good fun and Story Good

gamelaboratory responds:

Hello, Txc
I'm glad that you like the game! And thanks a lot for such a high game rating, much appreciated! :)

This game gives a lot of fun!

gamelaboratory responds:

Glad that you like it! :)
And thank you for such a high game rating!

Fun game but why not do one for the in-between of Mass Effect 1&2 or 2&3??? Or better yet make your own version of Mass Effect 3, it would have to be better than the shite show EA pushed out...then again what they did to the second one with limited skills and weapon (but you can always buy DLC for the...bastardos). I will never trust EA with another RPG again (especially after Dragon's Age:Inquisition) but if you are so inclined to continue with your efforts, i'll even donate to a Patreon for you (has to be better than the crap EA has come up with),

gamelaboratory responds:

Hello, Skullfather
Thanks for playing and rating the game! And let's hope for the best, may be Andromeda will deliver some quality content and interesting mechanics, time will tell! :)
Regarding making my own game on Patreon - I'm thinking about it, such project is on my short list for next year! I'll let you know once it goes live. :D

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2016
8:37 AM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 5th Place December 3, 2016